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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Apps for Learning Disabilities

1.1. ABC Pocket Phonics - abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds & writing + first words on the App Store - This app is great for students with dyslexia. It helps to break down letter sounds so students are able to learn to read words. There are also games that aid students in writing.

1.2. Puppet Pals HD - Puppet Pals HD on the App Store - This app is great for students with speech delays. They are able to pick their character and record their voice for their character. This helps students hear their own voice and hear how they are pronouncing words and letters. This will help them to correct their speech.

2. Apps for Creativity

2.1. Sock Puppets - - Students are able to work with friends and create sock puppets. They are also able to make these sock puppets talk. Students can make plays with their sock puppets.

2.2. Doodle Buddy - - Students are able to doodle, stamp, and draw whatever they want. They are able to be artistic and creative. Creativity is important in learning.

3. Apps for Math

3.1. Todo Math - Todo Math on the App Store - This app teaches elementary students math. They are able to take a test at the beginning with enables them to only work on what they need to work on. Students won't spend all of their time on things they already know.

3.2. Geoboard - Geoboard, by The Math Learning Center on the App Store - This app teaches students shapes. Students are able to build the shapes on their own virtual geoboard. Students are also able to draw the shapes afterward to show they understand.

4. Apps for Writing

4.1. BlobbleWriteHD - BlobbleWriteHD on the App Store - This app is great for younger students to learn how to write numbers and letters. They are able to trace out the strokes for each letter and number.

4.2. CrabbyWriter - - This is another great app to teach students how to write. It shows students where to start writing and the student is able to follow the crab to write a letter. This app also has other reading games so it is great for reading and writing.

4.3. ABC Circus - - This is a great app for students to learn where to begin and trace letters. Trace dots to write letters. Phonics and numbers are also taught with this app. It is a great multi-use app.

5. Apps for Reading

5.1. ReadingRaven - Reading Raven on the App Store - This app gives your student their own personal reading guide. The self paced lessons are great to get students motivated. There is also a voice recording feature so students can hear how they are pronouncing words.

5.2. Starfall Learn to Read - Starfall Learn to Read on the App Store - This app has great games to help students learn short vowels, long vowels, and phonics. There are books the students will begin to read independently.

5.3. Bluster - Bluster! on the App Store - Students learn rhyming words, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, homophones, adjectives, verbs, and nouns. They are also able to collaborate with a friend in team mode.