Linking Words

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Linking Words by Mind Map: Linking Words

1. So

1.1. Asi que

1.1.1. He likes to play the guitar, so we also

2. Therefore

2.1. Por lo tanto

2.1.1. Eating fruits and vegetables is healthy, therefore you must consume at least 6 times a day

3. In order to

3.1. A fin de que

3.1.1. Increase prison capacity in order to reduce the shortfall.

4. Due to

4.1. Debido a

4.1.1. My dreams of being a doctor were lost due to the professor to law.

5. As well as

5.1. Así como

5.1.1. The soccer game is very fun, as well as reading a good book

6. Whereas

6.1. Mientras

6.1.1. I have a problem with math, whereas in biology I'm doing great.

7. Neither ... nor

7.1. Ninguno... ni

7.1.1. We neither can nor want to give anybody a blank .

8. Besides

8.1. Ademas

8.1.1. But you need other things besides the guitar

9. Although

9.1. A pesar de que

9.1.1. Although SJ took 2 years to return, his new album was a success

9.2. aunque

10. Owing to

10.1. debido a

10.1.1. Owing to the sheets of law, we can not be happy

11. So as to

11.1. Para

11.1.1. We need to be sociable so as to have friends