Project Portfolio Management

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Project Portfolio Management by Mind Map: Project Portfolio Management

1. Important Principles

1.1. We’re done (project) when we have run out of time

1.1.1. but this requires that we deliver early and often so that when we run out of time we have already delivered something!

1.2. The smaller the size of the project deliverable the easier it is to schedule (i.e., to find/make gaps)

1.2.1. but this requires we still deliver something of value to our customers!

1.3. Hand-offs and context-switching should be avoided unless it makes economic sense

1.3.1. they are much more costly than we think!

1.3.2. a better answer is get better at prioritisation and saying No

2. Questions

2.1. How many projects can one person be effectively across at any one time?

2.2. How can we avoid one person handing off to another one?

2.3. How can we promote stable groups?

2.3.1. i.e., avoiding music chairs and rather guiding group development through: forming, storming, norming, and finally performing

2.4. How long will it take to spin up a new group before we can assure they have the necessary skills to deliver quality solutions?

2.4.1. Should we be entrusting our customers to a group before they can demonstrate that they are ready/capable?

3. Objectives

3.1. happy customers

3.1.1. means more word of mouth repeat business

3.1.2. requires high quality solutions, not just cheaper than competitors concept-to-key experience trusted and respected advice reliable delivery against commitments not having to repeat themselves

3.2. happy and effective team

3.2.1. means right capacity demand < supply right competencies (technical, domain, learning skills) quality and innovative solutions

3.2.2. requires focus not too many things at once (nor disruptions) sustainable pace not too much (of even just one thing) people working within their zone of proximal development