The Good Learner

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The Good Learner by Mind Map: The Good Learner

1. Motivation

1.1. Instrumental (learn in order to achieve practical goals)

1.2. Integrative (learn for personal interest)

2. Self regulation

3. Aptitude

3.1. Working Memory Capacity

3.2. Learning Speed

3.3. Analytic Skills

3.4. Grammar Sensitivity

3.5. Memorization

4. Opportunity

4.1. the Learner who has given the Opportunity to Practice the Language

4.2. the Learner who creates Opportunities by his/her own to Practice the Language

5. Low Anxiety Levels

5.1. Confidence when Speaking

5.2. Guessing during the Learning Process based on what the learners know about the social relationships between speakers, the setting, the event etc.

5.3. Risk- Taking

6. Strong Drive to Communicate

6.1. Paraphrazes

6.2. Gestures

6.3. Cognats

6.4. Nominalization of Verbs

6.5. Verbalization of Nouns

7. Efficient Learning Strategies

7.1. Learning strategies vary with: the task and what is required from the task (memorization, oral drill etc.), the learning stage, the age & the individual styles.

8. Willingness to Learn

9. Making Errors

10. Extraversion

10.1. More chances to speak and use the L2

11. Tension

11.1. Helps learners to invest extra efford and push themselves to perform better