Bugaku Theater

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Bugaku Theater by Mind Map: Bugaku Theater

1. 4 Genres

1.1. Civil Dances

1.2. Warrior Dances

1.3. Running Dances

1.4. Child Dances

2. Music/Dance

2.1. Dances go by the beat of the drum

2.2. Tempo gradually speeds up through out the dance

3. Attire

3.1. Masks

3.1.1. Masks sometimes have movable parts

3.1.2. Some masks have thin features that convey the characters they are playing

3.2. Clothes

3.2.1. Vibrant clothes

3.2.2. Historical design

4. Space & Content

4.1. Raised by a 7 by 7 meter platform

4.2. Hindu-Buddhist cosmology influences the four cardinal points

5. Dance

5.1. Hands, feet, and arms are choreographed to preform a beautiful dance

5.2. Bugaku is made up of simple geometric patterns