Film Shooting Language

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Film Shooting Language by Mind Map: Film Shooting Language

1. Editing

1.1. Transition

1.1.1. Feature Cut Cut in Fade in Fade out Dissolve Wipe Slide Effect 3D Effect ect.

1.1.2. Resize Stretching Shrinking / Expanding ect.

1.1.3. Direction Bounce Effect Fly Effect ect.

1.1.4. Speed Slow Motion Fast Motion Strobe / Stop Motion ect.

1.1.5. Tint Black & White Dye Mosaic Solarize Posterize ect.

1.2. Superimposition & Keys

1.2.1. Superimposition

1.2.2. Key CG Key Chroma key Green Screen Blue Screen

1.3. Intervention

1.3.1. Cutaway

1.3.2. Insert

1.3.3. etc.

2. Shooting

2.1. Shot Sizes

2.1.1. Sizes of Subject Long ELS LS FS Medium MLS / KS / 3/4 Shot MS / WS MCU / BS Close-ups CU BCU VCU ECU

2.1.2. Subject in Frame 1-Shot / Single Shot 2-Shot 3-Shot Group Shot / Crowd Shot

2.2. Camera Movements

2.2.1. Moving Camera Track / Truck left right Dolly in out Pedestal up down Crane / Boom up down Tongue left right Cant left right Arc left right 180" 360"

2.2.2. Moving Lens Pan left right Tilt up down Zoom in out Shift Focus Deep Focus Shallow Focus

2.3. Camera Angles

2.3.1. Eye Level Normal-angle Shot Hight-angle Shot Low-angle Shot Cant Shot Bird's Eye View Worm's Eye View Aerial View Point

2.3.2. Point Of View (POV) Objective Subjective POV Shot O/S X/S