Conflict and Change

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Conflict and Change by Mind Map: Conflict and Change

1. Change

1.1. Union Act

1.1.1. Granted many things such as the Canadas joining together but not responsible goverment

1.2. Russell Resolutions

1.2.1. This is not advisable to most resolutions

2. Key People

2.1. Papineau

2.1.1. Backgrond: Comes from privileged family.

2.1.2. Achievments: Was peaceful,tried to increase support,submitted suggestions,convinced people peaceful means were useless

2.1.3. Significance: Discovered peaceful moderate reform would not be possible

2.2. Bond Head

2.2.1. Background;British troop

2.2.2. Achievments:Interfered in elections

2.3. Mackenzie

2.3.1. Background:Was a scottish printer

2.3.2. Achievements:Insulted enemies,elected many times could not take office however because of past libels

2.3.3. Achievements: Couragous stood up to undemocratic governments

3. Lower Canada

3.1. 1837 Rebellion

3.1.1. Saint Denis and Saint Charles Showed goverment's determination to end rebelions

3.1.2. Saint Eustauche Proved rebels did not have enough power to take over

4. Conflict

4.1. Upper Canada

4.1.1. 1837 Rebellion Attacked York Lost battle