Causes of Age of Exploration

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Causes of Age of Exploration by Mind Map: Causes of Age of Exploration

1. Da Gama reaches India, establishes trade for Portugal.

2. After Spain had just driven the Moors out of the Iberian Peninsula. They then forced out other religions. They wanted to make money to pay for the cost of the Reconquesta.

2.1. Spain agreed to fund Columbus' expedition. He thought he had found a shortcut to the Indies.

2.1.1. Columbus "discovers" The Americas (He called it the Indies as he thought he made it to Asia)

3. Arab traders had relationships with Venetians (merchants from Venice) - they would mark up (increase) the price of goods and sell them

4. The Pope awarded land to the two countries

4.1. The western hemisphere is awarded to these two countries. They can take over any land controlled by infidels/non-Christian people

5. The spread of Islam led to Arab traders gaining control of land routes through the desert.

6. They began to explore the seas. Prince Henry the Navigator brought in mapmakers, ship builders, etc

6.1. Portugal was looking to sail around Africa to reach India

7. Spain

8. The Church was in support of spreading Christianity.

8.1. Spain and Portugal had just made important discoveries.

9. Marco Polo traveled to Asia. He wrote a book about his exploits; people became interested in Asian goods.

10. The Crusades was a war conducted (carried out) by Christians to take Jerusalem out of the control of Muslims.

10.1. Knights came back from the war with goods from Asia, this increased the desire to gain access to trade.

11. An overseas route was necessary to reach the Far Eastern markets.

12. Portugal

13. Desire for Asian Goods... Silk/Spices/Textiles