JCampbell: Project X

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JCampbell: Project X by Mind Map: JCampbell: Project X

1. ideas/steps

1.1. use ACTFL's "can-do" statements to create a checklist of skills for students per unit of instruction

1.2. create a rubric to evaluate students ability to respond to these prompts, seeking student input

1.3. create a protocol for furthering students and remediating students

1.4. research to see what kind of articles have been written on this subject.

2. How do I encourage ownership of learning among my students to help connect them through various levels of language learning?

3. resources to collect

3.1. can-do statements

3.2. WL Educator articles

3.3. colleague input

4. keep in mind

4.1. give students choices

4.2. use performance-based assessements

4.3. integrate with rotational model

4.4. utilize learning management system

5. Questions I still have

5.1. WHat happens when students complete course?

5.2. Will I have 20 students working at 20 different paces or will they group themselves into 3 or 4 groups?

5.3. Will students continue to have high levels of comprehensible input in target language?

5.4. Will this setup make students flock to my course or avoid it?