Toxic chemicals in Cosmetics

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Toxic chemicals in Cosmetics by Mind Map: Toxic chemicals in Cosmetics

1. Solution


1.1.1. identify the best choice

1.2. A Smarter law

1.2.1. 1950s mindset

1.2.2. banned more toxic chemicals

1.2.3. use green chemistry

1.2.4. safe & healthy products

2. lack of regulation

2.1. not enough the safety of personal care products on ingredients

2.2. no required all ingredients on the label

2.3. Big companies said it small enough to be harmless

3. 1950s mindset

3.1. better living though chemicals

3.2. no worry about health impact

3.3. Change people's minds

3.3.1. new formula

3.3.2. beauty magic

3.3.3. miracle ingredient

4. health problems

4.1. cancer

4.2. laerning disability

4.3. asthma

4.4. male fartility

4.5. Lack of brain development