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1. All species: how climate affects physical characteristics

1.1. Form of the mouth

1.2. Hair

1.3. Skin color

1.4. Body constructions

1.5. Additional

1.6. Nose

1.7. Shape of the face

1.8. Eyes

2. Physical and genetical changes

3. Overview

3.1. We have undergone change since our species first evolved.

4. Smaller bodies

4.1. Genetics, environment and lifestyle practice.

5. Average height of Homo sapiens over the last 40,000 years

5.1. Changes through time

6. Smaller brains

6.1. this change has affected species in our family tree radically

7. Developing physical diversity: All one species but looking different

7.1. Physical characteristics are obtained by genetics (DNA) or by adaptation

8. Smaller teeth and jaws

8.1. Adaptation by necessity