Dramaturgy - Essay

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Dramaturgy - Essay by Mind Map: Dramaturgy - Essay

1. Remember Reference

2. Paragraph 2

2.1. Example.. Work or University

2.2. Front Stage

2.2.1. In public surroundings

2.2.2. Social expectations

2.2.3. Preforming front stage in front of audience

3. Paragraph 1- Introduction

3.1. Goffman - Theatrical metaphor

3.2. Book- "Presentation of everyday self"..

3.3. Dramaturgy- How people play a role in society.. sociological perspective..

4. Paragraph 3

4.1. Back Stage

4.1.1. In private surroundings

4.1.2. Comfortable, no expectations

4.1.3. Aware of social constructions and expectations and still play the role.

4.1.4. Example.. At home with family or with friends

5. Paragraph 4

5.1. Example... Social media.. teenagers hide behind their pictures.. People are aware of social expectations and are trying to reach them...

6. Paragraph 5

6.1. Opinion- This happens because people are afraid to stand out..