Child Poverty in America

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Child Poverty in America by Mind Map: Child Poverty in America

1. Parents

1.1. Less than a third of kids in poverty have at least one parent with some college or additional education.

2. Household Size

2.1. The federal “poverty line” in 2014 for a family of 4 (2 adults + 2 kids under age 17) is about $24,000. But social welfare researchers say it would take an income of about twice that amount to achieve basic financial security.

3. Age

3.1. Students from 16 to 24 years old from low-income families are 7x more likely to drop out than more well-off peers.

4. Region they live in

4.1. Southern regions of the United States have the highest rates of poverty.

5. Causes

5.1. History

5.2. War and Political Instability

5.3. National Debt

5.4. Discrimination and Social Inequality

5.5. Vulnerability and Natural Disasters

6. Solutions

6.1. Increase Household Income

6.2. Support Parental Relationships

6.3. Better Parenting

6.4. Develop Early Years Education

6.5. Better Primary and Secondary Education

6.6. Post-16 Learning

6.7. Leadership and Commitment