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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Marie Nyland: Physiotherapist She is physio and they could give me information about the career and possible job shadow!

2. Mr. Walker: Professor at OC I am interested in being a teacher- I dont know much about being a professor but he could give me some information about the job!

3. A police officer This is a job I am interested in as it is physical. If I spoke with a police officer I could possibly go for a ride along and get information about what I need to do to land this job!

4. Neighbor down the road: Mr. Parker He works at a gym. He could get me a job as a receptionist or maybe even help me become a trainer!

5. My Mom and Dad: They are both athletes and have several friends that own a business. They could help me find work if one of their friends is hiring.

6. My friends ( Marsha, Kevin) they both work at Mcdonalds and could help get me a job there!

7. My Uncle Ed He is a teacher and principal. He could help me understand how to become a teacher and possibly get me a jon in his district!

8. My coach: Mr. Olexyn He can help me meet other volleyball coaches. I would love to coach at a high level.

9. The coach off the VSS football teams. He could help me meet sport doctors and see how they work with athletes.

10. Mr. Bailey: my dogs veterinarian. I have always been interested in animals. I could speak to him about schooling and find out how important math is to becoming a vet!

11. Counsellor: I enjoy pyschology so they could help me by understanding the different career options and what courses I would need to take in school

12. My sister: Alanna She is a teacher and can help with meeting teachers and administration.

13. My teacher: Miss Dow She has many connections to a variety of careers. I could speak with her about my sport interests and see if she has any connections.

14. Mr. and Mrs Nelson ( bf parents) They own several Starbucks- they could get me a job as a barista!

15. Counsellor: Mrs. Mackereth She has connections to jobs all over. She could help me find a full time job for this summer.

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