MindMeister 3 Feature Parade

As promised here is the more verbose version of the most recent update of MindMeister. Release 3 contains lots of enhancements to the ease of use and overall consistency of MindMeister, plus some bigger feature blocks. Two important things we just didn’t get done in time though – inline images and connections between ideas. They’re in the making though, expect them before Christmas!

Find some key new features below, or see a comprehensive list in the What’s New in MindMeister 3.0 mind map.

  • Task Management

    Many more features for easier task management in MindMeister, including start date and duration, email notifications, iCalendar feeds, WunderTasks and a task overview from all maps.

  • Search and filter, better tags

    The new map search – you’ll find it in your map list view – makes managing many maps a lot easier. You can search for titles and contents, and even use Find in maps (CTRL-F). Also, managing tags was enhanced with a new overflow dropdown.

  • Resize ideas and wrap

    Overlong idea labels always created problems. In the new release you can now resize them via drag and drop, and your maps will also keep the wrappings when exported e.g. to PDF or as image.

  • History View

    We completely revamped the version history to make viewing and replaying the collaborative changes of a mind map a useful and fun experience. Clicking on the coloured bullets starts “replay” mode. See also our tutorial video.

  • WikiMaps

    You can now turn any public map into a WikiMap. This will make it editable for everybody (well, everybody who has a MindMeister account, to avoid spamming). Quite useful to gather input from many people at once!

  • Import text files

    In addition to Freemind and MindManagerTM formats, you can now also import plain text files into MindMeister.

  • Emailing attachments

    Geisesblitz Email now supports attachments which will be inserted as attachments to your ideas into MindMeister.

  • Many more key shortcuts

    Our users say they love them, so we’ve added quite a few more for common operations. See a complete list.

  • Other enhancements

    New user interface, revamped “My Account” section, Offline mode for Safari, recommendations in map view, new export dialog and options, better printing (via PDF), clone public maps, larger note previews and much more.

Well, we hope you benefit from all the work that is put into MindMeister. We strive to make the best online mind mapping experience available and welcome all your feedback on the new stuff.

  • Is it just me or have the links from MM

  • Mark Goodson

    … to the blog and user forum disappeared. Not that anyone used the forum much anyway. As a feature request I’d like some more icons please… it would be dead easy to do and would improve the user experience.


  • Hi Mark,

    the link to the blog is there in the footer but the link to the forum disappeared that’s correct – we are in the midst of refurbishing our support.

    Stay tuned


  • One more feature suggestion: graphical links like in freemind. they are just helpful for visually connecting related notes or showing relations or even workflows…

  • Thomas,

    that should be available by the end of this year!

    Cheers Thomas

  • I can’t seem to find any documentation on the wikimap feature – where would that be?

    Also, as a teacher, I’d love to embed my map in my class’ Moodle page and allow students to add entries to it – are MindMeister maps embeddable like the one you have on your main page (before you log in)?

    Thanks, all!!


  • J,

    you can embedd any mind map into your website. Once you are logged in you’ll find the necessary code in the Share/Publish dialogue. On the same page you’ll find the setting for the WikiMap feature.



  • Ricardo

    Hey Thomas, about those grafical links.. the end of the year is around the corner..have you got a more precise date of availability?

    Also, will there also be branch grouping lines (with custom colored backgrounds etc) ? If so, when?


  • Hi Ricardo,

    are you referring to what we call “connections” between nodes in different branches. If so I’m happy to tell you that we are very confident to have it available before the turn of the year.


    PS: Please add your feature requests here https://www.mindmeister.com/12302529 (you need to be logged in)

  • Ricardo

    Hi Thomas,

    No I am not referring to those. I was referring to branch grouping, where you can group several child branches with its parents via a baloon kind of background with an outline like you can do on MindManager from Mindjet.

    Let me know as that is a very important feature that helps a lot to have a clearer view of segments of a map.

  • Hi Ricardo,

    got it. It’s on our roadmap but – I’m sorry to tell – not in the near future.