Happy Birthday to us!

MindMeister just celebrated its 2nd birthdayor about its 24th in Internet years – and we’d like to thank all our users for their loyalty, support and great feedback over the years with a special promotion!

Special Birthday Offer: Upgrade to Premium today and get 6 months extra for free! (offer valid until March 10, 2009)

When looking back at those last two years we feel quite proud of what we’ve achieved. It’s great to see how the concept of online apps (or cloud computing, or SaaS or whatever you may call it) is gaining so much leverage and how its benefits make users relinquish their old desktop applications for smarter and leaner online alternatives – even if they offer fewer features. At MindMeister we try to embrace new technologies early on, allowing our users to create and edit maps offline or supporting new types of access. Sometimes the technology evolves so fast that we have a hard time keeping up (sorry to all those patiently waiting for the iPhone release – not long now, I promise!) but all in all it’s great fun, and hugely inspiring, to work in this market.

We’ve got a bunch of new goodies in the making as we speak that will hopefully guarantee a couple more happy and successful years. Stay tuned via this blog or follow us on Twitter.