iPad App Preview

Aloha MindMeisters! Saying that the newest product offered by the folks from Cupertino, CA. is selling just “OK”, might be a bit of an understatement.

According to Apple themselves, over 300,000 iPads were sold in the first day alone, making it even more popular than the iPhone, at least in terms of sales figures. To drive this success story home even further, it looks like consumers are more than eager to load their new iPads up with applications and ebooks, with downloads clocking over 1M and 250K respectively.

So where’s the MindMeister iPad app?


Fear not … we’re working on it. Our developers still have a few more lines to code, and while we’ve not been able to physically hold the app (or the iPad for that matter) in our hands, we’ve been beating the bugs out through the SDK. We’re aiming for a late May release date to coincide with the European iPad launch.

In the meantime, how about some juicy screenshots from what the MindMeister for iPad App will look like:


  • fbocquet

    Just tell me if you need beta tester πŸ™‚

  • Yeah same for me, would love to test. Dont let the developers off the chain, I really looking forward to this iPad app

  • DAi

    same here, I would love to test it!

  • Luc Nocente

    beta tester!

  • Hi, i am definitely in beta testing as well.

    As a full time iPhone and iPad developer, i believe I could bring significant value to testing your ipad apps by, among others, sending you feedbacks with specific detailed wording for your developers (ex: dismissing the UIpopviewcontroller here and there seems to crash)

    Moreover, I depend so much on my mindmaps and my ipad that i have recently moved all maps to mindjet on the mac and ithoughtshd on the iPad. As a premium paid user of your service, I would however rather stick to it.


  • andy traub

    I’m doing some beta testing for Mailchimp for their new iPad app so I have experience πŸ™‚ Let me know if you’re doing beta testing. Been using MindMeister for awhile.

  • Charlie Blanchard

    I am available to beta test & review as well. I’ve switched to iPad in every way possible and resent having to go back to desk/laptops to complete the few tasks the iPad devs have still not provided tools for. Adding MindMeister to the iPad repertoire will be awesome!

  • Johan

    I’m also good to go if you guys need betatesters. Maybe you need testers in Europe (Sweden) and then I’m more than glad to help out πŸ™‚


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  • Extremely hot! I honestly think this app will change the way we do some of our client meetings. Please please please release it ASAP!

  • looking forward for the ipad app! =)
    I’m really a fan of mindmeister. the webapp improved my/our productivity a lot. the iphone app doesn’t make sense for me. for my, it’s a waste of time to install. but with the bigger screen and smooth design by mindmeister, the ipad app will rule…

  • Great News… Using the ipad for 2 weeks now, I’have become addicted and the idea to use MindMeister on it is a tremendous news !!!

    Tell me when it’ll be ready…



  • Roger Korfmann

    I have been using a few different mind mapper apps for iPad. The biggest issue in doing this is getting the maps off the iPad into the desktop or web version and vice-versa. It’s a problem with all content creation tools for iPad. If you make it possible to open maps directly from the web and save changes directly back, you will be way ahead of the pack.

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  • Matt

    I would like to help beta test! I’m a java dev by day & a iPhone/iPad dev in my off time. You guys have the best mindmap app by far and I can’t wait for the iPad version. Thanks! – Matt

  • Trevor_NYC

    My biggest hope for this app is that it lets you work offline. I am so spoiled by being able to work on my Mindmaps on my laptop when I don’t have an internet connection. If not, I might just trade in my Wi-Fi model for a 3G model.

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  • Any update on the release of your iPad app? Have you submitted it to Apple for review? Are you still developing it? Really eager to download it as soon as it is released. I highly depend on my maps to work and the lack of a good synchronized ipad mindmapping solution has been a bummer so far

  • Prokim

    I want to know when I will be able to download your app. I’m eagerly waiting for the app. Please, hurry up.

  • Hi all thanks for the huge interest in the iPad app, here’s a quick status update: the app is still under development, functionality is all complete but we’re still fixing bugs and working on the overall user experience. Originally we planned to ship it with the European release of the iPad but now it looks like it will take another couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted!

  • At a seminar this morning I took notes on the using the ipad using the iphone app in offline mode. Everyone was ‘amazed’ watching me do this but I was telling them ‘wait for the real ipad app – it will be so much BETTER.!’
    I have 3G – how great was it to get back to my desktop computer and see the maps waiting for me.
    I currently have to use a windows pc (undesirable) to work in offline mode – snow leopard not compatible with gears at all still?)
    I’d put my hand up for beta testing if you need any late entries – I use this app constantly for client and personal work.
    This was even after investing substantially in mindjet for some years!
    best wishes and don’t spare the horses!!

  • … sehr gespannt darauf! Ohne den mindmeister hat das iPad derzeit noch zu wenig praktischen Nutzen! πŸ™‚

  • Hi. More than two weeks since your last update on May 25. What’s the status of your ipad app? Have you guys submitted it?

  • John Hineman

    Looking forward to using Mindmeister on the iPad and willing to deal with a few bugs on the 1.0……..please release ASAP!

  • Rick Lee

    Any word on a launch date for the iPad app? Feels like I have been waiting soooooo long! πŸ™‚

  • Mal

    It would be great if you could update the community on the release date of the iPad app. At the very least, let us know the status. You over promised and didn’t deliver. At the very least keep us better informed:) another blog post maybe?

  • *lights candles and chants for iPad release*

  • Erik

    Was there another schedule slip? Any updated ETA?

  • Thanks everybody for your comments and for volunteering as beta testers. As with all release schedules of long-awaited products, this one got pulled back again last week. We’re now hoping to complete a few final rewrites by the end of this week and will be ready for an AppStore submit early next week. Sorry again and please stay tuned!

  • TonyP

    What’s the latest on the iPad App release? Hoping for some good news this week.

  • OP

    Eagerly awaiting the release…there are quite a few mindmappers in the iPad store now, but will wait for MindMeister…a few days more at least.

  • Ondrej

    Hi Michael, any news on the iPad app? thx

  • Did you submit to the app store last week?

  • no pressure …. (but please hurry….) πŸ™‚

  • Henry Patterson

    Any chance that we’ll see an iPad version this year? Incremental updates to the App are fine, in fact preferred. A free iPad app current users can test and give feedback on. That has the basics of the current iPhone app as well as the ability to sync to the web.

    If not soon, then when?

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  • Has The iPad app been submitted?
    It has been a long wait. Let us know if you need help coding the app. Tht’s what we do for a living πŸ˜‰

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  • Luc Nocente

    Ok so where is this Ipad version?

  • fbocquet

    Thanks a lot for the iPad version ! It work very well.

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