The College Success Central Guide to Research Papers: Mind Mapping Your Paper with MindMeister (Video)

Hello Adult Learners! As I mentioned in the intro of today’s video post, some writers prefer to outline, and some prefer mind mapping. The method can even vary between projects, and I happily use both! However, if you often feel like the outlining method you were taught in high school or comp 1 are too rigid or complicated, mind mapping might be right up your alley. It’s a cool concept that can be used with computer tools or even just pen and paper, and a lot more artistic folks even use them for things like taking lecture or reading notes. Today we’ll be looking at Mindmeister, a truly awesome tool you can use to mind map your term paper. I’ll walk you through the process I use to mindmap a piece of writing like a research paper, presentation, or (in this case), a blog post.

If you have never heard of Mind Mapping, please watch, enjoy, and if you think MindMeister might be for you, consider signing up today!

Oh, and did I mention the basic version (demoed in the video) is free 🙂

Originally posted by Sarah at on March 9th 2012