Top 10 Marathons from around the world!

It’s time to start training and get involved in a marathon near you! There are approximately 500 Marathons run around the world each year, here is a cool list of the ‘Top 10’. There are so many different ways take part for all types of people and varying levels of fitness, you can run the half marathon,  be part of a team in the relay and in some cases you can even cycle! The majority of participants are recreational athletes but there is so much respect given to those supreme athletes at the front. I doubt that Pheidippides had any idea that people would ever want to replicate his 42km run to Athens, starting a worldwide craze!

So if your interested in taking part in any of these great events around the world check out this map  and see all the different ways to take part for individuals, families, friends or work colleagues!

Wish us luck, MindMeister has entered two teams to participate in the relay race in the Vienna City marathon, it should be interesting!

Happy Running!