Happy Easter from MindMeister

It’s Easter again and the end of Lent, if you have made sacrifices over the past 40 days you can go back to indulging in all those guilty pleasures! The kids are on their Easter holidays and it’s a great chance to spend some quality time with the family.

We have a fun-packed Easter Mind Map for you with some great ideas and cool things to do for the holidays. There’s tips on how to paint and decorate Easter eggs and also the best places hiding places, along with some nice pictures of different decoration to get you started. And if your looking for some food ideas for Easter Sunday be inspired by our list of Easter cakes such as Easter Pinze or cupcakes and traditional Easter Sunday recipes, like braised lamb or minced roast with ham. Then to wash it all down you can try some nice Easter cocktails or punch!

Take a look at the Mind Map here: Easter 2012, hopefully it brings even more joy to the occasion

Happy holidays, from everyone at MindMeister!