Gustav Klimt 2012 – His life in a mind map

Painting by Gustav Klimt: The Kiss

This year Gustav Klimt would have celebrated his 150th birthday. Gustav is one of Austria’s most famous painters ever being born in Baumgarten, near Vienna on July 14th 1862. He was also one of the founding and most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement founded in 1897. His most well known painting is ‘The Kiss’ which can be seen at Vienna Belvedere.

To celebrate the special occasion there will be more of his work on display across the capital than ever before. There are many special exhibitions in a number of Vienna’s museums.

In the map below, Klimt Year 2012, Gustav Klimt’s biography, painting style and all his works are detailed. There is also a list of the dates and locations of his exhibitions if you want to plan a trip to Vienna this year!