MindMeister – Shortcuts and Tricks!

Whoever said ‘there are no shortcuts to victory’ clearly wasn’t using MindMeister! I’m going to show you some neat shortcuts that can make creating mind maps even easier and allow you to optimize your mind mapping time.

Below are 5 of my favorite tricks I use daily while mind mapping. Hope they help!

1. Drag&drop

Drag&drop is definitely my favorite, you can take any picture, file or link directly from a website in any browser or from your own desktop and simply drag and drop it into a node. This function saves a lot of time as there’s no need to save to your desktop before importing to the mind map. Give it a go!

2. Moving floating topics

To move a floating topic around the map make sure you hold down the SHIFT key which keeps the topic detached from the center node. To re-attach the topic just bring it close to the center node without holding SHIFT.

3. Quickly create new slides

When creating your next MindMeister presentation simply create a new slide by holding down CTRL while you click and drag the slide into place. This saves time as you don’t have to drag the slide box from the center of the map to the desired node.

4. Setting multiple slide transitions

After you have created your slideshow you can apply a transition to all slides by using CTRL + A or groups of slides by using CTRL + clicking on selected slide thumbnails, then choose the transition you wish to use.

5. Show different level topics

A handy shortcut when viewing your mind map is using ALT + 1/2/9 to open and close the different levels. This can be very useful when reviewing a large map. 1 – shows level one topics, 2 – shows level two topics and 9 – shows all levels.

  • Wilmen

    The moving of floating topic is not working for me
    I press SHIFT key then I move the topic but it is attached back to the main node
    Could you pls check and let me know how to move floating topics propery?

  • richard

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. Which browser and operating system are you using? We will check it out for you.

  • Humberto Morales Rocha

    Muy buenas las mejoras que le han realizado. Quisiera saber si ya están incluidas estas funciones en el tutorial? Y saber a partir de cuándo están activas estas funcionalidades en el sistema?

  • richard

    Buenas dias, gracias por sus palabras amables. Nos vamos a pubicar los funciones nuevos en el comienzo de 2013. También vamos a ofrecer un tutorial en nuestro sección de ayuda en este período.

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