Santa’s Great Secret, Mind Mapping

One of the lesser known facts about Santa Claus is that he is an avid mind mapper (sure you say, but how else would he be able to manage the crazy logistics of Christmas Eve, millions of kids and even more presents?).

So why not do the same? Just copy our gorgeous Santa’s Sack mind map to your account and sort out your loved ones with their dream gifts!

To clone the Santa’s Sack map to your account you need to be logged in to MindMeister first, and then you’ll find it in your map list.

Time is ticking though, clone the map and start creating your lists of special gifts a.s.a.p. For extra inspiration and to lend you a hand, we’ve included a Gift Ideas branch with the best-selling items on Amazon!

Enjoy the holidays and have a very Merry Christmas from everyone at MindMeister!