Happy New Year: Achieve Your Goals with MindMeister

With MindMeister, you benefit from having an online tool which gives you new and exciting possibilities in the world of productivity. Fresh after winning the number one productivity tool in Mashable’s Innovation Index MindMeister continue to find ways to offer you a full suite of features to help mind map your way to success.

Make 2013 a successful year; whether you want to have a New Year resolution or get a promotion or to be a better team leader, MindMeister is the perfect tool for you to achieve your goals in 2013. You can easily share with friends, colleagues and team members allowing you to work from anywhere in the world on any device meaning you can work more efficiently and focus your resources on really achieving your goals this year.

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New Year’s Resolution

Another year and even more resolutions! Unfortunately, studies say that only 12% of all New Year resolutions are actually achieved. This means that the odds are heavily stacked against any of us succeeding to quit smoking, get fit or whatever you goal individual is. Mind mapping is just the right tool to give you that fighting chance of actually making your resolutions a reality.

Here is a 5 point list to follow to help you achieve these goals

  • Set out clear goals that you want to achieve
  • Write a short note of why you want to do it
  • Create a strategy of how you will do it
  • Set milestones and be prepared for obstacles
  • Share your goals with friends and colleagues

Develop your road (mind) map to success

We have created a mind map for you to clone to your account, in the map there’s the top ten New Year resolutions along with descriptions for the why and the how. On the right side of the map you can set your goals, create check lists, set reminders and set have milestones for achieving your goals. The great thing is you can share the mind map with all your friends for extra support and they can help monitor your progress.

To clone the mind map you must first be signed into MindMeister