MindMeister for Project Management

You can easily manage and keep on top of your tasks with MindMeister. Below are three features you can use for individual task management or for managing team projects.

Assigning Tasks

Tasks can be assigned to yourself or to other team members using the task widget on the right hand side of your mind map.

  • Attach tasks to topics using the sidebar widget
  • Set the priority and completion using icons
  • Tasks are assigned to team members by their name
  • Set deadlines for tasks using a ‘Due Date’

Enable Task Feeds

You can export your tasks to most modern task or calendar applications (iCal, Google Calendar, etc.)

  • Select settings (wheel icon) in the MindMeister Dashboard
  • Under tools enable ‘Task Feeds’ for your account
  • Choose your desired feed format and copy the URL to your favourite application


When working with a team on a project you may wish to track the progress of each member. This is made possible using the MindMeister ‘Notification’ feature in your mind map.

  • Go to map properties and set up notifications
  • Under the ‘Notifications’ tab, choose to receive alerts via email or by SMS using Twitter
  • Receive notifications each time a change is made to the mind map

  • Tejas Deshpande

    Dear Developers,
    I love your creation. I sincerely request you to make you product unbeatable in the industry by adding a GANTT chart view option and Project Planning and Management spreadsheet functionality.

    Trust me. This WILL make you the leader… if you could provide most of this for NO COST.

    Faithful Mindmapper,
    -Tejas Deshpande

  • Pekka Heinonen


    I fully support Tejas. I have been a mindmapper for more than 20 years and used many different programs. Just now I am reviewing different programs that would support easy sharing including shared editing possibilities for many users in different organizations and that would work also on many platforms including Windows, Mac, iPad and Android. So far MindMeister seems to be really promising until I found that Gantt chart export is not supported. At least I have found only proposals to include that feature into the MindMeister but no indications that someone has used it :-(. I will still look for few references but then I have to go forward and look at other programs.


  • JD

    I agree with Tejas and Pekka,

    Your tool is incredible and would be even better with GANTT chart features. Thanks for the excellence!!!

    User JD

  • Gantt is very, very, very important, please add asap 🙂

  • Luciano Donato

    Gantt! Gantt! Gantt!
    Please add Gantt support, with no extra costs. this is a must have option.

  • Michael Nakache

    Here my 2 cts as a project manager
    Need gantt , project plan , calculation function . So far only mind view seem complete but no business network collaboration feature such like mindmeister

    Please keep punching this way , thanks


  • Hi Michael, thanks very much for your feedback, we’ll definitely look into it. Cheers!

  • Jonathan

    I agree with Tejas and others. As I have begun to make MindMeister my major tool for planning out my projects, I am finding now that I can’t take the next step of organizing the items onto an easy to view Gantt Chart.

    Is the Gantt Chart feature on the radar for MindMeister?

    Happy But Want To Be Happier User,


  • Hi Jonathan, thanks for the feedback. We’ll be discussing the possibility of adding Gantt Charts at our next road map meeting 🙂

  • Yes, please. A Gantt View will be a giant step forward for Usage of MindMeister as projecttool!

  • I was just searching Google for ‘MindMeister Gantt’ and bumped into this article and comments. Big thumbs-up for a Gantt-view… for me it would be worth an upgrade to the Professional edition.

    A couple of years ago I’ve worked with Mindjet MindManager and JCVGantt Pro (Mindjet acquired the product). Exporting a map became no longer necessary as it could simply be opened and directly edited (tasks) in JCVGantt… and again reopend and editted as a mind map. Very nice, but Windows-only…

    Now I’m using Gantter as a cloud-based tool for planning a project; don’t needed the over-featured MS Project, but a simple resource- and task-planner with a Gantt view. As starting from a mind map is such a great workflow, it would be great if MindMeister would offer such a view… or maybe offer some integration with a tool as Gantter… 🙂

  • Hi Maik,
    Thanks for the feedback. Such an integration would certainly be useful and we’ll discuss how something like that could be realized in our next roadmap meeting. Cheers

  • Shekhar Yadav

    I am in the same boat as Maik van Rossum. I searched for “Mindmeister Gantt” and arrived at this page. Mindmeister + Gantt would be an unbeatable combination for sure!

  • Pele Niedermann

    We are working with several tools to have our day organized when you integrate the gantt we could spend the money with you what would make all of us happy.

    By the way this gantt discussion started more then a year ago did you make a decision to go for gantt or not.

    I hope you come to the right decision!

  • Hi Pele, thanks for your feedback. We are currently working on some other things, but the gantt chart feature is in the back of our minds. Cheers

  • John Hoonas

    Several mind mapping applications have done this simply and effectively: http://www.xmind.net/s/A/89/img/feature-gantt.png
    Come on Mindmeister, love the product, just need to make it more project manager friendly 🙂

  • Hi John,

    First of, thanks for the feedback. Quite a few project managers have requested Gantt charts by now and we definitely don’t intend to ignore this wish.

    In fact, we’ve been working on a whole new project management application that integrates with MindMeister, so you can seamlessly turn your maps into agile project boards and use more sophisticated management features than what MindMeister has to offer.

    The application is still in beta, but if you’d like to try it, you can go to http://www.meistertask.com and sign up. If you do, we’d very much appreciate your feedback!

  • Grzegorz Janowski

    currently is something like onenote very helpfull but with no gantt chart…maybe integration with other solutions like gantter? please consider this, pls