Boundaries, Custom Styles, Dropbox and Evernote

We’ve just successfully deployed a major update to MindMeister with lots of cool new functions! A stand out feature of this release are the topic boundaries for graphically grouping branches together. The new styles dropdown allows you to quickly assign, customize and save frequently used topic styles to make your maps stand out even more.

Improving integration with other major cloud players, we’ve added Dropbox and Evernote attachment upload, as well as implemented many more small features and enhancements.


Boundaries enable you to graphically attract attention to a topic and its children.

There are lots of options available for customizing your boundaries. You can select from multiple shapes, border types and styles, and background colors to create visually appealing mind maps. Learn more

Quick Topic Styles

You can now also quickly change the appearance of your topics using the new styles dropdown in the sidebar.

We’ve added three extra topic styles to each theme which can be assigned to one or more topics at the click of a button. Use them to make topics stand out, or design your own styles – for more on that, scroll down. Learn more

Customize and Save Styles

In addition to using the predefined topic and boundary styles, you can now design and save your own custom styles. This means you can develop CI-compliant mind map designs which can easily be applied to all your maps.

This feature is available to both Business and Pro users. Learn more

Evernote and Dropbox

Attach files to topics directly from your Evernote and Dropbox accounts. Seamlessly import your important files using the files widget in the sidebar.

This increases the options for organizing your most important documents and files in a mind map. You can easily share these files when brainstorming and collaborating on projects, in meetings, assignments etc. Learn more

Custom Map Themes

Previously this feature was only offered to Business users, but now it’s also available in the Pro plan.

It allows you to design your own map themes in MindMeister and save them to use whenever you want. This will enable you to create an identity for your mind maps that you can use over and over. It also will encourage more creativity when developing your overall mind map and presentations. Learn more

Additional Features and Enhancements

  • Upload multiple attachments at once
  • Login via Twitter
  • View notes, links, files and tasks in Presentation Mode
  • Quick assign group icons
  • Copy / Paste style
  • Responsive web UI for small screens
  • Many other bugfixes and enhancements

We hope you enjoy using these new features in MindMeister and as always we’re really interested in hearing your feedback. You can leave us your thoughts below 🙂

  • Jürgen

    You did it again! Hot new cool stuff without sacrificing usability. In combination with the iOS- and Android versions simply indispensible for information workers. Thanks for listening!

  • Thx for the features and enhancements. But, where is the text color picket gone to?

  • Awesome update. Would love to see “Sync with Evernote” so our content can be found easily in our primary note taking tools.

  • Jan O. Dvorak

    @Paulus Veltman: Go to Properties > Style > Customize – and there it is, Font color.

  • Great guys! But the boundary button does not work in Chrome unfortunally.

    Hope it works soon!

  • @Jan Thanks for you reply. I have found it. Could you bring back the colour palette / swatches. I use colour coding text a lot, and the present colour picker makes it quite difficult to do this.

  • David Hodgson

    i also use color coding of text a lot (more than almost any other feature), so this change is not usable for me.

  • Oliver

    @Paulus: You can now find a color picker for the text color again.

  • Paul

    I cannot see the drop down arrow for the style selector

  • san

    Drag and Drop not working properly…

    When I put insert a node between other nodes using drag-and-drop, often the cursor points to the wrong location. This bug occurs mainly when a lof of nodes are created and annoys me quite. It seems that height calculation for the nodes has problem.

    I discovered this bug In Chrome on Windows7.

  • @Oliver Please ignore / delete my previous comment. I have found the colour swatches and I am VERY happy to see them again 🙂

  • Ryan

    Will the iPad app soon have the ability to attach a document directly from Dropbox/google drive?

  • richard

    Hi Ryan, it’s on our roadmap but there is no date for it yet!

  • Can’t upload notes from Evernote – proxy error

  • David

    I would like the opposite too.
    My mind maps directly accessed “live” from evernote!