Google+ Edu on Air: Mind Mapping in Education Webcasts

Are you involved in education? Whether you’re a student, teacher, IT admin or a school leader we’ve some interesting webcasts for you on Google Hangouts. MindMeister is hosting three webcasts in April covering multiple topics on mind mapping in education.

For anyone not familiar with Google Hangouts, it’s a new video chat room in Google+. A Hangout is set up by the host with up to 9 other people on Google+ which can then be broadcasted publicly. All participants can take part in the discussion with the presenter.

The three webcasts are part of Google’s ‘Edu on Air’ series which offers educators, education professionals and academic service providers, from around the world, a place to connect. The webcasts are being presented by MindMeister’s Thomas Thornton and will include a number of mind mapping enthusiasts currently using mind mapping in education.

Check out the schedule and description for each event below:

Events and Schedule

1. Mind Mapping in the Classroom

Learn how to introduce mind mapping to your students and how to facilitate collaboration using web-based mind mapping. We will cover presentations, assignments, essays and group projects.

April 9th 11.00am EST – register here

2. Mind Mapping Pilot – Introduction and Evaluation

Edu On Air Hangout focusing on IT leads/admins’ needs:

Learn how to introduce mind mapping to your school. We will cover license management, communication and evaluation of the project.

April 10th 11.00am EST – register here

3. Mind Mapping for Leaders

Edu on Air Hangout focusing on school/district leaders’ needs:

Learn how to foster a spirit of collaboration between different project members. We will cover project management; including brainstorming, tasks, collaboration and information management.

April 11th 11.00am EST – register here

Taking Part

If you would like to participate in the discussion with Thomas we still have a few spaces available. Please comment on the page of the event you would like to take part in.

Event structure:

  • Each webcast will be approx. 30 minutes.
  • Thomas and the panel will address comments/questions during the webcast.
  • There will also be a 30 minute Q & A session following each discussion.

How to be involved:

  • Visit the event page and state that you will be attending.
  • Please arrive to the webcast at least 10 minutes before it begins to check audio and camera.
  • Prepare some questions on areas you would like to be included.

We look forward to welcoming you to our first Google Hangout Webcasts!