MindMeister’s One of the Top Chrome Business Apps

mindmeister for chromebookIt’s National Small Business Week in the US and to celebrate Google featured different tools from the Chrome Store which they believe can really help small businesses.

As part of our series focused on celebrating National Small Business Week, we are featuring stories, tools and resources that can help small businesses grow and innovate.” Bonny Lau, Product Manager

MindMeister is one of Google’s featured “favorite apps” from the chrome store in the Get Things Done’ category. You can check out the featured listing on Google and also read the the full blog post from the Google Enterprise Blog.

  • MindMeister works completely offline on iOS and Android as there are compiled native apps available, including local storage and sync. On Chrome(book) you only provide a web app, which is not packaged so merely a link to your online application.

    Yes, that one has an ‘offline switch’ to get some maps to be stored offline and work with a subset of the online functionality. It’s also possible to create a new mind map, which also gets uploaded when reconnection; manually hit the switch to get back online.

    So why don’t you package (part of) the Chrome app so customers can also start creating a new map when working offline on there laptop or Chromebook? This would also bridge the gap when working offline using MindMeister in combination with Google Drive.

    Could this improvement mean ‘featured favorite app’ in the categories ‘Offline apps’ and ‘Google Drive’, and possibly ‘Desktop apps’ too?

    Best regards,

  • Hi Maik,
    thanks for your comment. Right now there are no plans for a Chrome(book) offline application, but we’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind for future updates!

  • Hello Raphaela,

    Sorry to hear that…

    Are there are any plans to support ‘offline editing’ through the HTML-app in a more robust and usable way? I think that creating a ‘new map’ should be available all the time, not only when the user has planned to work offline. It should be possible to capture ideas, and integrate them with an existing map when online again. Isn’t this why ‘offline mode’ was implemented after all…?

    Best regards,

  • Hi Maik,

    Actually I think rather than working on a more robust version, we’ll probably create native applications, which should work a lot better from the start.