Present Your Creativity and Win!

Summer is coming to an end, and for a lot of students as well as teachers it’s time to go back to school. To help you start into a successful new school year, we’ve come up with an idea …

Get creative!

MindMeister is well known for its uses in note taking, note making, project planning and brainstorming, providing many features and functions that make school life easier for you. However, one of its most useful features is also one of its least well known ones: Presentation mode, which lets you turn your mind maps into beautiful presentations in no time.

Presenting information to others is a vital part of education, for teachers as well as students. With the MindMeister BackToSchool campaign, we want to encourage you in this new way of presenting information to others – one that combines a fast and incredibly easy way of creating a slideshow that, in opposite to most conventional slideshows, allows your audience to see the big picture as well as the connections between single topics.

Try it out now and show us the result!

The creators of the 5 most stunning presentations will be rewarded with a 1-year free subscription to MindMeister and, in addition to that, the overall winner will receive a brand new iPad mini!

Sound good to you? Then here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Like us on Facebook.

Step 2: Choose your favorite school subject and create a stunning MindMeister Presentation about it. Now, the possibilities here are almost endless – you can choose to give a broad overview of the subject or you can pick a small sub-chapter you are especially interested in.

Examples: The honeybee; My favorite physics experiment; The battle of Gettysburg; The heroes of Shakespeare’s plays; The Riemann hypothesis; etc.

Be sure to make good use of themes, images, transitions and all the other great features the presentation mode offers!

Step 3: Tag your presentation “BackToSchool” so it can be featured in our BackToSchool channel and subsequently win the big prize! To do that just click on “Map Properties” when you’ve finished your presentation and add the tag in the designated line.

Step 4: Make your presentation public. By adding your map – which includes the presentation – to your public map channel, you are enabling others to find and enjoy it too. 

Note: Presentations must be submitted by October 1, 2013. From all submissions the MindMeister team will then choose the 5 most creative presentations, and each of the creators will receive a 1-year free membership for a MindMeister Edu Pro account.

On October 4, the top 5 presentations will be put up for a public voting on Facebook, where the overall winner of the competition will be determined.

Get started today!


And in case you haven’t had a chance to familiarize yourself with Presentation Mode, here’s a quick guide on how to make awesome presentations:


Creating slides and transitions

Slides and Transitions
  • Click on the presentation icon in the bottom left of the footer of your mind map

  • Create new slides by clicking the + icon

  • Drag slides to their desired position

  • Alternatively hold down the CTRL button and drag to create a new slide

  • Select the transition for all slides or set for individual slides


Using Floating Topics

Floating topics can be used in many different ways to display information. Lots of different effects can be developed by matching topics with transitions.

Slides and Transitions
  • Create a floating topic by dragging it away from the main topic or by holding down SHIFT

  • Create cool themes for the floating topic by selecting background color, text color and size

  • You can have connected or floating sibling topics

  • Use multiple floating topics as one slide to show sets of information

  • Then choose the transition you want to enhance the effect and highlight topics


Displaying Multiple Levels

A really great feature of the presentation mode is the ability to display different level topics at a time. For example, you can show level 1 topics with level 2 and level 3 topics closed and have them displayed in the next slide. To do this:

Slides and Transitions
  • Close the topic level in a specific area of the map which you don’t want to show

  • Create a slide of the area

  • Open the closed levels and create another slide of the same area

  • Set the transition to blur or pan for the best and smoothest effect

  • Before starting the slideshow, exit presentation mode and close the levelsagain which are not displayed in the first slide



Displaying Charts, Images, Graphs and Links


You can create floating nodes with charts or graphs to present stats and figures

Insert a single image to a floating node to make it stand out

If you have additional information for the slideshow, i.e. spreadsheets, tables etc. you can easily include links to external resources


Live Broadcasting

Once you have created your slideshow you can live broadcast it to anyone viewing the map. Set a time for the presentation and share the secure link with the persons you wish to present to. When you click ‘start slideshow’ a dialog box will pop up asking if you wish to live broadcast!


These are just some of the many cool features of the MindMeister Presentation Mode. Now it’s your turn to get creative and show us what you can do!

Good luck!


  • Hello, I’m a french user of Mindmeister and I really love it !
    The iPad and iPhone application is great but I would be so happy to see Mindmeister on the Mac AppStore. Every mac user could use it without an internet connexion, witch is important for them who don’t have Wi-Fi at school for example.

    Plus, I’m sure Mindmeister would work perfectly on a mac and would be a big success on the Mac App Store !

    Let me know if you decide to do it please 🙂

  • Raphaela Brandner

    Hello Antoine, thanks very much for your feedback, we’re definitely entertaining the idea. If we do decide to realize it, we’ll let you know 😉