6 Tools We Are Thankful For This Year

Today, we’d like to say thanks to a number of tools and sites without which our work here at MindMeister would be a lot less productive. Tools that make our jobs easier, that help us to keep track of our duties and free our minds to let us focus on the things that matter.

So without further ado, here they are:

Thank you, RubyMine

RubyMine is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) we use for coding at the MeisterLabs. With the words of our developers: “RubyMine has everything a developer could ask for and it keeps getting better and better.”

Thank you, Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a free Q & A portal for professional and enthusiast programmers. Whenever our developers come across an issue they can’t solve, they look it up on Stack Overflow or simply ask the question on the site and wait until some helpful programmer answers it.

Thank you, Evernote

Since Evernote seamlessly integrates with MindMeister, it is the perfect supplement for our notes. We use Evernote to create knowledge databases, to-do lists, snippets of interesting web pages and much more. We love Evernote especially because, just like MindMeister, it automatically syncs our notes between the web and our smartphones.

Thank you, CSS Hat

CSS Hat is what we use to export the stylesheets from our designers’ Photoshop files. It outputs pure standards-based CSS3, LESS, SASS (which we’re especially grateful for) and Stylus. The young team behind CSS Hat is constantly working on improving their tool, which is something we can also appreciate.

Thank you, Presentation Assistant

Presentation Assistant works on top of every software and lets you draw on your screen to point to and highlight aspects of your presentation. Our analytics department uses it a lot when presenting stats and diagrams to the rest of us, which makes it much easier to follow their explanations.

Thank you, Skype

Skype is part of our everyday life at the office. We’ve created a number of themed groups and use them to communicate about everything, from work-related matters to the lunch menu. We also conduct a lot of meetings via Skype, especially when talking to someone overseas.


Which tools are you most thankful for this year? Let us know in the comments!

  • Muito bom!!

  • Evernote seamlessly integrated in MindMeister… really?

    It (still) takes about one full minute (!) to load a list of just 100 ‘latest’ note titles. After that it takes another 30 seconds or so to link the selected note to the mind map.

    After that it becomes an uploaded un-editable attachment of the file from Evernote instead of a ‘live’ integration of the item from Evernote.

    Very disappointing and not something to be very proud of… or is there a non-released version that you use internally that should make your customers love it as much as you do?

  • Hi Maik,
    sorry to hear you feel this way. We’re constantly working on improving MindMeister though, so we’re thankful for your feedback and will definitely take it into consideration. Cheers

  • I’m sorry Raphaela, I also gave this feedback 3 weeks ago as a support request… but still no solution for this bug.

    Blog-posts like this one make it even more of a disappointment for paying customers; stating the integration as a ‘perfect supplement’ is far from reality.


  • I work in Maspixel.com company and we are using mindmeister to create semantic maps for websites and it is a very good tool to organize information

  • Hi Manu, we’re glad you like working with MindMeister! Maspixel seems like a cool magazine, too. Muchos Saludos!

  • Thanx for this post! This is a very useful compilation.