5 Ways You Can Train Your Creative Mind

How to remain creative at work long term

We tend to think of creativity as an artistic trait, but really, it’s about having a flexible mind that can make associations beyond everyday logic and thought patterns. Whether you’re a problem solver, a brainstormer, a maker, an analyst, or some combination of the lot, embracing and nurturing your creative mind will be beneficial in the long run.

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Create a Beautiful Recipe Planner (in 6 Simple Steps)

recipe planner with MeisterTask

With the festive season fast approaching, we thought we’d share with you a little known way of using MeisterTask to keep organized with an expert (and beautiful!) recipe planner. Between drinks receptions, decadent three course dinners and show-stopping deserts, it can be […]

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How to Mind Map Creative Advertising Ideas with MindMeister

This is a guest post from Nitzan Gursky. Nitzan is the Marketing Team Leader at Infolinks, one of the largest monetization networks in the world and the company behind AdShop. Connect with Nitzan on LinkedIn. No advertising campaign can be a success […]

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Why Mind Mapping?

Hand-drawn mind map

Have you ever asked yourself why mind mapping is becoming ever more popular among professionals and students alike? What is it that makes this technique so special and what are its benefits? In this article we’ve put together the main reasons why mind mapping is increasingly replacing other note taking formats in business and educational contexts.  Read article “Why Mind Mapping?”