How to Plan Your Next Event With a Mind Map

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a press conference or a corporate event, maintaining a good overview of all your resources, tasks, deadlines and stakeholders is key. A mind map is a fantastic format for event planning as it enables you to collect all information related to the event in a centralized place, invite your co-organizers to collaborate with you, and go.. Continue Reading

Sharing Mind Maps on Twitter Just Got Awesome

Our recent update to the MindMeister editor has made sharing your mind maps with your networks even easier. The new quick share options include share buttons for Facebook, Google+, Biggerplate, and of course Twitter. If your mind map wasn’t already public, clicking on one of the social media share buttons will prompt you whether you agree to.. Continue Reading

Building Knowledge Maps with MindMeister and Google Apps

Before coming to MeisterLabs I worked as an assistant for a publishing house that – due to its stressful working environment – had extremely high employee turnover rates. When I first got there, my predecessor had already left. With her she had taken all the knowledge she had acquired over the 3 years that she’d.. Continue Reading

The New MindMeister Experience

It’s been more than 2.5 year since our last major redesign – practically aeons in internet time. However, there’s no reason to fix what isn’t broken, so our latest update doesn’t bring any huge changes or new features but simply adjusts, improves and smooths out what was already there. Welcome to the new MindMeister experience, we hope.. Continue Reading

How to Craft Better Stories with Mind Maps

This is a guest post by Genevieve Conti. Genevieve is a UX/content strategist in higher education. She enjoys uncomplicating complex language and finding the perfect GIF for every situation. You can find her on Twitter @jennygenevieve. Businesses use stories to inspire the people who work for them and sell the next great idea. Teachers use stories to.. Continue Reading