Import and collaboration updates

We have just deployed one more update in the private beta phase to try out a few new features and fix some problems. As we’re running out of version numbers below 1.0, we’ll have to go live soon though anyway ;-). This time we have added things like: A new changes view to see who.. Continue Reading

Final private beta phase, new features

After one month online we are nearing the last stage of the private beta phase and wanted to celebrate this with our biggest update yet – new features include: Export to MindManager and Freemind Auto-layout on import maps Zoom in/out Overview navigator Many more icons and colors As always, you can find more details on.. Continue Reading

New features: Duplicate and Publish maps

Another week, another update – last night we updated MindMeister with a new version that fixes a number of problems, most notably the scrollbars which appeared in some browsers when inputting text into nodes. This should work fine now, with automatically resizing textboxes and full line break support (SHIFT-ENTER). We are also proud to present.. Continue Reading

1000th user, and another update

Last night we celebrated the 1000th beta tester on MindMeister, and of course minutes later had to start the first tuning measures – we apologise if the server was a bit slow at times and you got the infamous “Communicating with server” message. We’re working on it 😉 Also, we have just deployed another update.. Continue Reading

First private beta update – a huge thanks to all the testers

After receiving lots of very valuable feedback from all the beta testers we have just deployed the first update to the site, which should fix the most eye-watering problems (IE7 scrolling, more key shortcuts, text entry fixes etc). We’d like to apologise to everybody who got kicked out of their session during the update… Also,.. Continue Reading