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TOK af Mind Map: TOK

1. AOKs

1.1. Natural sciences

1.2. Human sciences

1.3. History

1.4. Math

1.5. Ethics

1.6. Arts

1.7. Religious knowledge systems

1.8. Indigenous knowledge systems

2. WOKs

2.1. Sense perception

2.1.1. Gain knowledge of the outside world

2.1.2. 5 senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, hear

2.2. Memory

2.2.1. How information learnt is retained and passed on

2.2.2. Plays a big role in Procedural knowledge

2.3. Intuition

2.3.1. Knowledge which is derived without prior inference

2.3.2. Often associated with instinct, gut feeling

2.4. Language

2.4.1. Enables people to learn and undergo communication

2.5. Emotions

2.5.1. Psychological means of expressing natural prossesses

2.6. Faith

2.6.1. Having trust in something

2.6.2. Often associated with religious faith, eg. beliefs in different Gods

2.7. Reason

2.7.1. Takes into logic and rationality into account

2.7.2. Enables people to deduce conclusions through validity and logical explanations

2.8. Imagination

2.8.1. Mental representation of something

2.8.2. Requires creativity and originality

3. Belief

3.1. mental representation of the world

4. Truth

4.1. Actual state of the world

5. Justification

5.1. Relationship between beliefs and truths

6. Knowledge

6.1. Personal vs Shared

6.1.1. Personal Experience from a particular individual From an individual's own perspective eg. "I think", "I know" Links to WOKs eg. religious, mystic, intuitive May be difficult to communicate with others

6.1.2. Shared Knowledge consisting of more than 1 individual eg. "We know", "We understand" Links to AOK

6.2. Know how

6.2.1. Refers to the kind of knowledge possesses when an individual is able to do something

6.2.2. eg. knowing how to solve, knowing how to answers

6.2.3. Procedural

6.2.4. Can be personal or shared knowledge

6.3. Know that

6.3.1. Refers to the kind of knowledge possessed around the world

6.3.2. eg. 2 + 2 = 4, Apple was founded by Steve Jobs

6.3.3. Propositional Progresses with knowledge "communities", where knowledge is tested, validated etc

6.3.4. Can be personal or shared knowledge

6.4. Know of

6.4.1. Refers to the kind of knowledge possessed from first-hand, perpetual experience

6.4.2. eg. I like chocolate, I am a calm person

6.4.3. Can only be personal knowledge