5 Day Virtual Profit Workshop - Wholesaling & Lease Options

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5 Day Virtual Profit Workshop - Wholesaling & Lease Options af Mind Map: 5 Day Virtual Profit Workshop - Wholesaling & Lease Options

1. Live Case Study Interviews

1.1. Pre-recorded

1.1.1. Steve & Coco Zimmer

1.1.2. Ester Tores

1.1.3. Gary Proctor

1.1.4. Phil Marsh

1.1.5. Melissa Dodson

1.2. Live?

1.2.1. Chris Arnold

2. Next Time Notes

2.1. Maybe end it on Friday - last day to sign up on Friday night

2.1.1. Maybe re-open for 1 day on Monday

2.2. Make sure the 2nd video of the day is only 30 mins

2.3. Don't give too many systems and tools away - don't pitch software

2.4. Make them schedule a call with their advisor?

2.4.1. More hard core sales guys?

2.5. Make them contact the social sellers to get the workbook

2.5.1. Make them figure out the best way too reach them, Messenger or texting

2.5.2. Make sure they have a lot of dedicated time

2.6. Maybe have small payments?

2.7. Maybe charge people $27 next time - to get fewer people, higher % of buyers

2.8. Raise our prices

2.9. Be more creative on payment plans???

2.10. Maybe do a 5 day workshop for just selling the slo course “Lease Option Basics 101” - basically reviewing Multiple Streams of Income Book (or the other one they did to sell coaching)

2.11. Review their offers - email them to us personally

2.12. Three payments like Jack

2.13. 6 month program instead of 2-3

2.14. Make it lease option specific

2.15. Others

2.15.1. Start the Facebook group earlier

2.15.2. Have a VA split the students into groups

2.16. Copy Ryan Levesque thing

2.16.1. Screenshot 1

2.16.2. 2

2.16.3. 3

2.16.4. 4

2.16.5. See emails sent to [email protected]

2.16.6. FB Group

2.16.7. Emails

2.17. For next Bootcamps / Workshops - 4 half days, instead of 2 full days

3. Bonus 1

3.1. Review everything we discussed

3.2. Taking everything down tonight

3.3. Review offer again

3.4. Most important lessons learned in our business

3.5. What it takes to be successfull

4. Day 1 - Mindset and Knowing Your WHY

4.1. Here's how you download the workbook - joemccall.com/workbook

4.2. To allow us to see your name in the questions, streamyard.com/facebook

4.3. This is what we're going to be covering this week...

4.4. Make sure you connect with a community manager

4.4.1. Type in "Message me" in the comments below

4.5. Take a picture of yourself and post to the FB Group

4.6. Sharing our story but make in relatable to the viewers... (It's not about you. It's about them.)

4.6.1. Your jobs before real estate?

4.6.2. "Some of you can probably relate to this..."

4.6.3. We're still doing deals today

4.6.4. You need to get advice from someone who has been investing for a while. Who has seen various market cycles

4.6.5. "Our mission/goal for this week is to help as many of you as we can break through the financial glass ceiling so you can live a fuller life on your terms, not someone elses... Sound good? Give me a HECK YES! in the comments below..."

4.6.6. Short 3-5 mins

4.7. Share 2-3 testimonials of students who have "normal" jobs: teacher, engineer, 8-5 - and how they were able to create side income using your methods - FC

4.7.1. Testimonial/Case Study #1 - Steve Zimmers

4.7.2. Invested in our coaching program... Doing consistent deals

4.7.3. Testimonial/Case Study #2 - Ester

4.7.4. #3 - Janice & Russell Lake

4.7.5. The moms, dad's, older people, people who aren't good with computers, etc

4.8. Focus on having a strong "WHY"

4.8.1. "Excuses happen when your WHY is not big enough"

4.8.2. When you look at your kids, make a promise that you'll create the best life you can for them

4.8.3. When you look at your parents, make a promise that you'll retire them early

4.8.4. When you look at your spouse, make a promise that we'll never have to be worried about money

4.8.5. When you look at yourself, make a promise to live your best life

4.8.6. Write this down, stick it on your computer, your mirror, and make this your mantra every single day

4.9. Create a vision for your life first...

4.9.1. Then create a business around that

4.9.2. "stress free abundance"

4.10. Setting your own expections

4.10.1. "Disappointment and discouragement happens when you don't manage your expectations..."

4.11. Two Commandments Of Business

4.11.1. Stop Farting Around

4.11.2. Stop Being A Sissy

4.12. Focus on your highest revenue generating actvities

4.12.1. Your speed to income is directly proportional to... The number of offers that you make "How many people here make more than 1 offer a day? 10 offers a week?" "To give you an idea, on average we make anywhere between __ Offers to ___ offers every week..."

4.12.2. #1 rule in real estate? Make offers, make offers, make offers

4.12.3. You need to have SYSTEMS

4.12.4. Marketing, Automation, Delegation

4.12.5. But keep it SIMPLE

4.13. Outsource the $5-10/hour tasks

4.13.1. We use VAs, Software, Systems to streamline our day to day. VAs help us with... Systems like... can help you with... Softwares like... can help you with...

4.13.2. Frees up time to focus on high revenue generating projects like...

4.13.3. Don't ask how, all who

4.13.4. Take a look at everything you're doing and ask yourself this, "How can I do none of this?"


4.14.1. TEASER: Make sure to tune-in tomorrow for session 2, Wholesaling Vs. Lease Options and how to use both to create consistent paydays.

4.14.2. Homework / fill in the blank notes Look for post in group Put your answer in the comments We'll pick a winner the following morning

4.14.3. GIVEAWAY - BOOK BUNDLE - Announce tomorrow morning - you have to be on to win Based on homework submissions - the most interactive - asking questions - turning in your homework Pumpkin Plan Profit First Buying Real Estate Without Cash Or Credit REI Secrets Wholesaling Lease Options Automated Wholesaling Making Extra Money Flipping Houses While On Vacation Q&A Book

4.14.4. Take Picture Of you Doing Homework, or on this call

5. Day 5a - Automation, Scaling, and Systems +Pitch

5.1. Start with a pitch on day 5

5.2. Next time, don't give them places too go to get these systems

5.3. Important Principles

5.3.1. Sometimes the best automation is a good VA

5.3.2. Stop asking How. Ask Who.

5.3.3. Don't try to fix your weaknesses, outsource them.

5.3.4. You don't need to be the expert and know how to do everything

5.3.5. Make sure you're only focusing on the highest revenue generating activities

5.4. SILOS - Simple, System, Scale

5.4.1. Make them learn the systems and write down the SOP's

5.4.2. Start small

5.4.3. Only scale when you've built a small, simple system

5.4.4. The move on to the next one

5.5. Various Markets

5.5.1. Start in your backyard

5.5.2. Go out from there

5.5.3. Don't ignore the small towns

5.5.4. Pick 3-4 markets, rotate thru them

5.6. Simple Must Have Systems

5.6.1. CRM REISimple.com Podio Monday.com Trello Smartsheet Follow Up Boss REIPro Realeflow REI Black Book

5.6.2. Data REISimple.com PropStreamJoe.com Listsource DataTree

5.6.3. Phones REISimple.com Vumber CallRail Google Voice MightyText

5.6.4. Skip Tracing REISimple.com Batch Skip Tracing Code GAVIN ?

5.6.5. Websites REISimple.com JoeLikesCarrots.com JoeMcCall.com/websites

5.7. Where to Find VA's

5.7.1. VirtualStaffFinder.com

5.7.2. PropertyMob w/ Tracy

5.7.3. Upwork.com

5.7.4. Fiverr.com

5.7.5. OnlineJobs.ph

5.7.6. We help our coaching students find VA's

5.8. The only 3 things your VA's should be doing

5.8.1. 1) Marketing

5.8.2. 2) Updating your CRM

5.8.3. 3) Doing all your follow up

5.8.4. You should be Voxer'ing your VA everything

5.8.5. Just have one simple email that only your VA emails


5.9.1. SEGWAY

6. To encourage people to DM their community manager, or we can say to qualify for a giveaway, send your homework to your cm

7. Day 4a - Making Offers and Getting Deals Under Contract + PITCH

7.1. First things

7.1.1. Big Goal - "This is what's working for us..." & help them do virtual deals

7.1.2. Back to "WHY' from day 1

7.1.3. Did you watch the role playing videos with Joe & Gavin?

7.1.4. Practice your own role playing with a friend…

7.2. How to determine ARV

7.2.1. Keep it simple

7.2.2. Find out what your cash buyers would pay

7.2.3. It doesn't matter what you think the ARV is.

7.2.4. Just take the average of Zillow Eppraisal Redfin Realtor.com Propstream Express.Realquest.com iComps.com

7.3. How to determine Repairs / As-Is Value

7.3.1. $5/sf, $10/sf, $20/sf

7.3.2. Round to nearest $5,000

7.3.3. REI Simple Rehab Estimator

7.4. Coaching Pitch

7.4.1. "I'm In!" if you're in

7.4.2. Tell them the price

7.4.3. If you're not ready, that's fine...

7.4.4. But we have limited spots... you need to say I'm in if you want in now

7.5. What is Wholesaling?

7.6. What is a Lease Option?

7.6.1. Lease with the option to buy in the future

7.6.2. Control without ownership

7.6.3. Difference between Wholesaling LO and Sandwich LO

7.7. How do you do deals the FASTEST & EASIEST way possible?

7.8. A lot of people have been asking us for help

7.9. We have a ton of succesful clients & we want the same for you


7.10.1. Scholarship - LORRAINE PHELPS If Joe's SLO course... "You can get ALL my best contracts" Watch me go thru real deals, talk to real sellers, make real offers Get

7.10.2. Join afternoon session

7.10.3. Comment "I'm in" below

7.10.4. VirtualProfitsWorkshop.com/go

8. Day 3b - Role Play with Gavin and Joe

8.1. Winner of the phone gimbal is Michelle Hall

8.2. Answer common questions

8.3. Seed what we’re going to cover next day

8.4. Role Plays

8.4.1. Investor calling property manager / realtor

8.4.2. Investor calling a landlord

8.4.3. Investor returning a call from a voicemail for a cash deal

8.4.4. Investor calling someone who responded to a text about a lease option



8.5.2. Don't forget your homework

8.5.3. What are some of your biggest takeaways?

8.6. Seed what we’re going to cover next day

9. Day 2a - Finding Your Next Wholesale AND Lease Options Deal

9.1. Our BIG GOAL

9.1.1. Teach you how to find profitable deals virtually

9.2. Quick Recap of Day 1 - Choose Giveaway Winner of Book Bundle - 5-10 minutes

9.2.1. "Reach out to your community manager to claim your prize..."

9.2.2. Anthony Jimenez

9.3. CTA's

9.3.1. Click "Like" on this video

9.3.2. Comment below if you're excited

9.3.3. Reach out to your Community Manager

9.3.4. THANK YOU for sharing!

9.3.5. Did you do your homework?

9.3.6. What is your big why?

9.3.7. What are your Big Takeaways & Action Items?

9.3.8. Download the workbook

9.3.9. Take notes and participate

9.3.10. Take a picture of you working and post it in the FB Group

9.3.11. Make sure you LOOK FOR THE HOMEWORK POSTS after each morning session. Usually within the hour.

9.4. Today's giveaway

9.4.1. Airpod Pros ($249)

9.4.2. Not the $159 ones

9.5. Content

9.5.1. The goal is to be a deal finder not a deal creator You can only deal with motivated sellers This is why follow up is so important No means not yet Don't become a motivated buyer

9.5.2. You can do deals virtually in your own local market or another state Should you do deals in your backyard first? What if you live in CA / TX, etc? What kinds of markets do you choose? How do you pick them? Can you do deals in small towns?

9.5.3. Having multiple offers will help you close more deals Types of deals you do lease options on Types of deals for wholesaling How do these strategies work well together

9.5.4. How to find motivated sellers Best Websites/Resources REISimple.com PropstreamJoe.com Listsource.com Find best zips for cash deals You don't want to "spray and pray" when you're pulling lists and doing mail / cold calling Listsource demo Lists to pull Propstream & Listsource Vacant Tried Landlords - Absentee Owners Tax Delinquent Code Violation FSBO For Rents Probate Inherence Water shut off Best list working for us Any list is a good list - We are looking for people not properties Criteria Wholesale Lease Options


9.6.1. Post your answer on the Homework Post

9.6.2. We're going to cover this in the afternoon session today...

9.6.3. Choose the winner in the afternoon session.. APPLE AIRPOD PRO

9.6.4. Get people to join afternoon session with Gavin (4pm CT)

9.6.5. We're going to cover...

9.6.6. What are your Big Takeaways & Action Items?

10. Day 2b - Gavin & Joe - Case Study Walk-Through - Art of the Deal

10.1. 20-30 mins

10.2. Answer common questions / objections / roadblocks

10.2.1. Frank / Jenna / Social Sellers - what are some common objections / questions

10.3. Ideas:

10.3.1. Top 5 websites where we like to find deals from

10.3.2. Example deals from beginning to end Wholesaling Wholesaling Lease Option My own Student deal Sandwich Lease Option Student Deal

10.3.3. Important Tools We Use Software REI Simple PropstreamJoe.com Batch leads Data Other tools

10.4. Seed coaching

10.4.1. We have students doing this and that...

10.4.2. Case Studies from students...

10.4.3. These are some things we help our students with...

10.4.4. We're showing you how to do these deals... But if you want faster results...

10.4.5. A lot of you have been asking how you can work with us... We love to work with all you guys... but we can't work with everyone. We will be talking more about that tomorrow.


10.5.1. Give Away: AIRPOD PROS

10.5.2. Get on tomorrow's session LIVE

10.5.3. This is what we're going to be covering tomorrow

10.5.4. Do your homework

10.5.5. Share your big wins

10.5.6. What are your Big Takeaways & Action Items?

11. Day 3a - Finding Buyers With Cash That Can Close

11.1. Our BIG GOAL

11.1.1. "This is what's working for us..."

11.1.2. Teach you how to find profitable deals virtually

11.2. Quick Recap of Day 2

11.2.1. "Reach out to your community manager to claim your prize..."

11.2.2. Next prize gimbal

11.3. CTA's

11.3.1. Click "Like" on this video

11.3.2. Comment below if you're excited

11.3.3. Reach out to your Community Manager

11.3.4. THANK YOU for sharing!

11.3.5. Did you do your homework?

11.3.6. What is your big why?

11.3.7. What are your Big Takeaways & Action Items?

11.3.8. Download the workbook

11.3.9. Take notes and participate

11.3.10. Take a picture of you working and post it in the FB Group

11.3.11. Make sure you LOOK FOR THE HOMEWORK POSTS after each morning session. Usually within the hour.

11.4. This is what we covered in Session 2

11.5. Talk about what we’re doing in 3b

11.6. Do you have a limiting belief that it’s going to be too hard to find buyers for your deals?

11.7. Seed coaching

11.8. There are really only 2 reasons why you can't sell any deal

11.8.1. Not marketing it to the right buyers

11.8.2. It's over-priced

11.8.3. If you can't find a buyer in 3-4 weeks, something is wrong.

11.9. It's important to find your buyers FIRST

11.9.1. Especially for cash deals

11.10. Cash Buyers

11.10.1. Call Landlords of Nearby Rental Properties

11.10.2. Call Local Realtors that represented cash buyers

11.10.3. Look up active cash buyers that purchased in the last 12 months

11.10.4. Motivated buyer letter

11.10.5. Hard money lenders

11.11. Tenant Buyers

11.11.1. Signs in the yard & neighborhood

11.11.2. Facebook Marketplace

11.11.3. Facebook Groups

11.11.4. Facebook Ads

11.11.5. Craigslist

11.11.6. Zillow


11.12.1. Post homework in FB Post after session

11.12.2. Join afternoon session

11.12.3. What we are going to cover next

11.12.4. Giveaway winner chosen in AFTERNOON session

12. Day 4b - Closings + PITCH

12.1. How to make a Cash Offer

12.1.1. Method 1: ARV x 70% - Repairs - Fee

12.1.2. Method 2: Average Lowest Sold Comps x 80%

12.1.3. Method 3: What your Cash Buyer would pay - $10,000

12.1.4. Look at your competition - what are they selling?

12.2. How to make a Lease Option Offer

12.2.1. Sandwich Lease Option A-B Contract With Seller Option Price = As-Is Value x 85% Rent = Market Rent x 75% Term = 5 Years Option Deposit = $1,000 B-C Contract With Tenant-Buyer Option Price = As-Is Value Rent = Market Rent Term = 2 Years Option Deposit = $100

12.2.2. Wholesaling Lease Option A-B Contract with Seller Option Price = As-Is Value Rent = Market Rent Term = 2 Years Option Deposit = $100 B-C Contract With Tenant-Buyer Option Price = A-B Option Price + Assignment Fee Rent = A-B Rent Term = A-B Term Option Deposit = 3% - 5% (Assignment Fee)

12.2.3. Different things you can negotiate with sellers - Price or Terms Option Price Rent Term Rent Credits Down Payment

12.3. Contracts

12.3.1. You should always have a local attorney review your contracts

12.3.2. Find what other investors & property managers & realtors are using 4 Main Agreements You Need Purchase & Sale Agreement Lease Option Agreement Assignment Agreement Bigger Pockets Rocket Lawyer Law Depot

12.3.3. For Lease Options... make sure you have an INVESTOR FRIENDLY contract

13. Day 5b - Duplicating and Multiplying Your Profits - PITCH

13.1. Harp on the implementation, not the systems

13.1.1. Accountability

13.1.2. Scorecard

13.1.3. Why they need the WHOLE package

13.1.4. You're not going to get anywhere if you try to do this on your own

13.1.5. How many people have bought a course and didn't do anything with it?

13.1.6. You're going to make mistakes without the right proper guidance

13.1.7. This is why we created the bootcamps and coaching calls

13.1.8. All the money you've wasted on bad marketing, deals lost, etc

13.1.9. Don't waste your money on maternity and systems unless you know how to use them

13.1.10. Ask them... Why do you think you need a coach? What's the #1 reason why you need a coach? What are you hoping that Coaching can do for you? Write this stuff down right now... It's time to be honest with ourselves. You know what I do and the sorts of results that we’ve got for other businesses that we have worked with. If we began working together today I want you to imagine one year from today. We’re sitting around talking about all the cool stuff that’s happened in the last year. What will have had to have happened for you both personally and professionally for you to say ‘that has been an amazing successful year’. I really want to know what does success look like for you? Where are you right now in your business? Where do you want to be in 6-12 months? What is holding you back from achieving your goals? Why aren't you there right now? If nothing changes and everything stays the same, what’s the impact going to be on you and your business? How fast do you want to see results? What's going to happen if you don't meet your goals? What do you need the most help with right now? (Why is this so important? Because once we know where you are now and where you want to go, we can help you figure out how to get there quickly.) Saturday >>>? What's been the most valuable for you so far? What are some of the things you guys need the most help with right now? Do you understand that if you want success in this business, it requires an investment of time and money? Is this a now thing or a later thing for you guys? Why is now the best time to solve your problem and get help? So if you knew how to build a business that could help you flip 2 to 3 deals a month, and only work 10 to 20 hours a week, would you do it? If we worked together do you think we would be successful? How come?

13.2. Don't be the buyer's employee

13.3. Renegotiate for more profits

13.4. Make owner financing offers

13.5. Make more offers

13.6. How to work with Realtors

13.7. Sell your deals with packaging in place

13.7.1. Financing

13.7.2. Property Managers

13.7.3. Contractors

13.7.4. Insurance

13.7.5. Reports from DealCheck.io

13.8. If you only know how to do one thing, just make one offer

13.9. Just focuing on one thing at a time

13.9.1. Just pick one - wholesaling or lease options

13.10. Q&A

13.11. Giveaway

14. Big Goal

14.1. Teach how to find a virtual deal

14.2. Misc other

14.2.1. Main goal, by the end of the 5 days is to help you get a contract...

14.2.2. Or get some motivated seller leads...

14.2.3. Or make an offer...