Gun violence

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Gun violence af Mind Map: Gun violence

1. Gun reform is long overdue (blog post, Huffington post)

2. Bowling for Columbine (movie)

2.1. Movie by Michael Moore

2.2. The News only show things that faers the citizens

2.3. K-Mart = Shows what bullieds have done to victoms

2.4. Militia

2.5. NRA

2.6. Open a bank account and get a free gun

3. Warning

3.1. Andy

3.1.1. 4. Sum up what we are told about Andy: a. Family - His live with his dad, he do not spend so much time at his mothers house, and the father does not pay any attention to his son. - From Maryland b. Appearance - In the beginning he was a christian boy, - puffy face, - Baby face c. Personality - Shy - He did not show his emotional, he kept it for him self. - "follower" d. Friends - His is in a grup where they smoked marijuana. - Do not have many friends but he got Josh e. School - He was bullied - He is not paying any attention to the school, because he is smoking marijuana and shop lifting.

3.2. sympathy

4. The second amendment

4.1. Bill of rights

4.1.1. - The first ten amendments to the United States constitution - These amendments guarnte a number of personal freedoms, limit the government's power in judicial and other proceeding , and reserve some powers to the stats and the public

4.2. The American Revolution

4.2.1. - It is a time when the British colonist in America rebelled against the rule of GB - 1775-83 revolutionary war - British colonists got independente - (1619 American redution begins) - France helped US.

5. Anatomy of a massacre

5.1. Erik and Dylan

5.1.1. Shown as monsters

5.1.2. you do not get sympathy with them

6. Why i picked up a gun - Tiffany Hyatt

6.1. Raped

6.2. Would like that women carry a gun for protection

6.3. Everyone should learn self defense

7. Arguments for/against guns

7.1. For Guns

7.1.1. You can protect you and your family

7.1.2. You feel safe in the streets

7.2. Against guns

7.2.1. A lot of people is killed every year

7.2.2. You do not know who got a gun

8. sandy Hook


8.2. Gun control Wouldn't have stopped it (Comment Washington Times)

8.3. Obarmas proposal

8.3.1. Universal background checks for all firearm sales Ban military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines Improving school safety (school psychologists, social workers and counselors) Secure treatment of students’ mental health problems

9. Campange

9.1. The brady

9.1.1. The secund Amentment is overdue Needs to be upgraded

9.1.2. Millia have an other meaning to day then it had back then

9.1.3. Agains guns

9.2. The NRA

9.2.1. For guns

9.2.2. Says that militia means that you are allowed to keep and bear a gun

10. Anatomy of a massacre