Your 2014 Digital Marketing Strategy

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Your 2014 Digital Marketing Strategy af Mind Map: Your 2014 Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Off-Site SEO

1.1. Social Signals

1.1.1. Growing Signal With Algorithms

1.1.2. Social Links Are Natural To Your Link Profile

1.1.3. Share All Content That You Write

1.2. Inbound Links

1.2.1. They Still Matter - But Be 100% Natural

1.2.2. Use Social Media To Build Relationships

1.2.3. Add Links To Your Google+ Profile

1.3. Google Authorship

1.3.1. Optimize Your Google+ Profile

1.3.2. Add Author Code To Your Blog

1.3.3. Leverage Other Sites For Authorship

1.4. Use

2. Social Media Strategy

2.1. Create A Calendar For Facebook, Google+, Twitter & LinkedIn

2.2. Use A Tool To Schedule Posts

2.3. Focus On Specific Audiences

2.4. Automatically Share Your Answers

3. Local SEO

3.1. Name, Address & Phone Consistent Across The Web

3.1.1. Search The Web For Inaccuracies & Fix

3.1.2. Use Microdata When Possible

3.2. Claimed Google+ Local Page

3.2.1. Take Ownership Of The Listing

3.2.2. Add As Many Relevant Categories As Possible

3.2.3. Fill Out The Profile As Completely As Possible

3.3. Build Local Citations

3.3.1. Add Your Business To Free Online Directories

3.3.2. Add Your Contact Information To All Online Profiles

3.3.3. Use

4. Mobile Website Optimization

4.1. Responsive Site Design

4.2. Page Load Time

4.3. Text Based Phone Numbers

5. Content Strategy

5.1. Topics, Not Keywords

5.2. Post Unique Content To Multiple Sites

5.3. Leverage High Traffic, High Authority Sites

5.4. Use

6. Analytics & Conversion Optimization

6.1. Install Google Analytics

6.2. Monitor Popular Pages & Other Trends

6.3. Identify New Opportunities