Define the Problem Going to bed late because of having too much homework.

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Define the Problem Going to bed late because of having too much homework. af Mind Map: Define the Problem Going to bed late because of having too much homework.

1. Explore the Alternatives - Finish homework before getting to play. - Managing my schedule so I have enough time to do my homework.

2. Identify Your Values My goal would be to be able to go to sleep before or at 9 for a whole week, and this means to work well without distractions whether I have activities or not. I think my parents would be proud that I am getting a good sleep as they care about my health. I really hope this can work out, but I know that the activities and sports that I have will affect this.

2.1. Decide and Act I think I will choose both alternatives as they are both simple and relate to each other. I am really looking forward to this and really hope it works out. I would like this to happen as it will make my life better, but also my parents and my brothers and sisters. The only concern that I would have is the fact that I have activities that finish towards 8 o'clock on somedays. I know that this will affect the time I will go to sleep, but I will do my best.

2.1.1. Consider the Consequences I think that if I follow the alternatives, I will be much more efficient and be able to finish my work earlier which means I could go to bed earlier. I really can't think of a negative outcome to the alternatives above apart the fact that maybe I'll be working a lot without having any time to have a break. I think this will affect me well in the future as I am going to finish my homework and be able to get a good sleep that will better prepare me for the next day at school (especially if I have tests the following day).

2.1.2. Evaluate the Results How did your decision work out? I think my decision worked out really well. I tried it on Sunday and Monday night. I think it was a success as I when I woke up on the Monday morning at 6, I felt less tired than most of the other mornings. How has it affected your life? From Monday night onwards, I really felt more energetic and ready before going to school. How has it affected others? As I mentioned earlier, my parents are really happy that I'm getting a good sleep and not staying up late. My brothers and sisters also seem to be not complaining about me staying up later than them. What did you learn? From this, I learned that anyone can make a difference that can make your life better, you just have to put effort into it and believe you can do it. If you could do it over again, what would you do differently? Since I am really happy about the outcome, I don't really think I have to change anything, apart maybe the fact that I could get a 5 minute break to rest my brain and get my eyes off the computer (as much of the homework we have to do is on the computer).