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The Rod af Mind Map: The Rod

1. Karl Benz y Daimier Gohieb

1.1. Revolutionized the world of engines

1.2. Revolutionized the steam train

1.3. Creators the rod

2. Parts

2.1. Foot

2.2. Crankshaft

2.3. The Body

3. Types depending in the shape of his head

3.1. Integrally

3.2. Lightened Crank

4. Materials

4.1. Aluminum

4.2. Titanium

5. Efforts Suffrering

5.1. Deflection

5.2. Compression

5.3. Flection

6. Mechanical Element

6.1. Subjected to tensile or compressive, articulating transmits movement to other parts of the machine.

7. Operation on an internal combustion engine

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