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D.E.C.I.D.E af Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E

1. D: You arrive in your shared room after being out doing activities and discover that your bed is covered with all your roommate's wet clothing and towel.

2. E: i could ignore it and just put it away for him and tell him later to not do it again or i could also scold him

3. C: the consequence of me scolding him could destroy our relationship as roomates. the consequence of me ignoring him and helping him out and telling him off would be better as in the end he would not do it again and we would not hate each other.

4. I: identifying my characteristic which is forgiving. but scolding him would make me seem uncool and sensitive.

5. D: I would just put his wet clothes away and remind him later not to do it again in the future. i would do it as i would seem less sensitive as a roomate and it would not ruin our relationship as roomates. thus, it would be the better option for both me and my roomate. This option would maintain our social and environmental wellness.

6. E: The results of my evaluation and decision would be that my roomate and i maintain a good relationship and he knows that he would not put his wet clothes on my bed ever again in the future.