VTMM E-Mail-Marketing und Newsletter

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VTMM E-Mail-Marketing und Newsletter von Mind Map: VTMM E-Mail-Marketing und Newsletter

1. E-Mail-Marketing

1.1. Landing Page

1.2. Willkommensmail

1.3. CFA

1.4. Lead-Magnets (warm machen)

1.4.1. Checklisten 5 Tipps virtual communication virtual meetings virtual feedback get-to-know-each-other virtual trust-building virtual decision-making virtual rewards & recognitions

1.4.2. Poster Virtual Team Rules Virtual Feedback Virtual Communication

1.4.3. eBooks Introduction to VTMM Get-to-know-each-other new ebooks until 2020 Virtual meetings & communication Virtual feedback, rewards & recognitions

1.4.4. Freie Assessments bei Angeboten

1.4.5. kostenlose Beratungsstunde

1.4.6. Videos

1.4.7. COF-Online.com

1.5. Seifen Oper "Virtual Communication" (heiß machen)

1.5.1. Setting-the-Scene-Tag 1 A severe miscommunication Secret

1.5.2. Drama-Tag 2 The day Maneesh mentally left the virtual team and killed the team spirit Maneesh prevented direct communication with a developer, cancelled meetings on very short notice, was looking at his point of view only Team developed strong feelings against Maneesh leadership

1.5.3. Die Lösungs-Tag 3 Sueli solved the crisis Sueli addressed the different culture orientations Suggests the COF-Online.com Team discussed results and agreed on pro-active communications and personal needs

1.5.4. Verdeckte Lösungen Tag 4 Better communication Understanding of different individual needs

1.5.5. Dringlichkeits-Tag 5 Starter-Kit kaufen

1.5.6. 2 Dringlichkeits Folge-Mails

1.5.7. Mit unseren Comic-Characteren

1.5.8. Fragen an Alex CTA erst am Ende? Wie bleiben die Leser bei der Stange ohne Abzuspringen? Am Ende eines Tages fragen, wie es im eigenen Team aussieht?

2. Newsletter