Minecraft Goals

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Minecraft Goals von Mind Map: Minecraft Goals

1. Vanilla World

1.1. Main Base with:

1.1.1. Mine

1.1.2. Enchanting

1.1.3. Brewing

1.1.4. Farming (Plants) Wheat Carrots Potatoes Beetroots Cocoa Plants Melons Pumpkins Sugar Cane Cacti Nether Wart Mushrooms Chorus Fruit Kelp Vine

1.1.5. Farming (Trees) Oak Spruce Birch Jungle Acacia Dark Oak

1.1.6. Farming (Animals) Cows Chickens Pigs Sheep Bunnies

1.1.7. Loot Room

1.1.8. Horse Stable

1.1.9. Pets Around Dogs Ocelots Parrots

1.1.10. Mob Spawner

1.1.11. Main House for Personal Armor/Weapons with Bed

1.2. Defeat Ender Dragon

1.3. Bases in Every Major Biome

1.3.1. Plains

1.3.2. Savannah

1.3.3. Forest

1.3.4. Roofed Forest

1.3.5. Jungle

1.3.6. Desert

1.3.7. Mesa

1.3.8. Cold Taiga

1.3.9. Mega Taiga

1.3.10. Swampland

1.3.11. Extreme Hills

1.3.12. Ocean

1.3.13. Ice Plains

1.3.14. Mushroom Island

1.3.15. Ice Plains Spikes

1.3.16. The Nether

1.3.17. The End

1.4. Intercontinental Railroad Connecting ALL Biome Bases

1.4.1. Main Base

1.4.2. Plains

1.4.3. Savannah

1.4.4. Forest

1.4.5. Roofed Forest

1.4.6. Jungle

1.4.7. Desert

1.4.8. Mesa

1.4.9. Cold Taiga

1.4.10. Mega Taiga

1.4.11. Swampland

1.4.12. Extreme Hills

1.4.13. Ocean

1.4.14. Ice Plains

1.4.15. Mushroom Island

1.4.16. Ice Plains Spikes

1.4.17. The End

1.5. Nether Railway for Fast Travel Between Biome Bases

1.5.1. Main Base

1.5.2. Plains

1.5.3. Savannah

1.5.4. Forest

1.5.5. Roofed Forest

1.5.6. Jungle

1.5.7. Desert

1.5.8. Mesa

1.5.9. Cold Taiga

1.5.10. Mega Taiga

1.5.11. Swampland

1.5.12. Extreme Hills

1.5.13. Ocean

1.5.14. Ice Plains

1.5.15. Mushroom Island

1.5.16. Ice Plains Spikes

1.5.17. The Nether

1.5.18. The End

2. All the Mods 3 Modpack

2.1. Tower Base Goals

2.1.1. Find a Place to Build

2.1.2. Get Basic Tower Frame Built

2.1.3. Expansion Goals 5 Floors 10 Floors 15 Floors 20 Floors 25 Floors

2.1.4. Make an Area for These Activities: Inventory Management Thermal Expansion Ore Processing EnderIO Machines Forestry Machines Forestry Bees Industrial Craft Machines Extreme Reactor Animal Farm Plant Harvesting Room Mystical Agriculture Extra Utilities Grid Power Generation Actually Additions Machines Botania Thaumcraft EnderIO Powered Spawners Applied Energistics Automation Tinkers Construct Smeltery Pam's Harvest Craft Automation Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry Brewing Draconic Evolution Quarry Immersive Engineering Mekanism Machines and Ore Duplication RFTools

2.2. Start Duplicating Ores

2.3. Inventory Management

2.3.1. Barrels Made

2.3.2. Diamond Chests Made

2.3.3. Chests and Barrels Connected to Ender Storage Via Item Conduits

2.3.4. Quantum Storage Units Added to System

2.3.5. Start on Refined Storage

2.4. Automate Power Production

2.5. Mod Goals

2.5.1. Tinker's Construct Build a Smeltery Build Tools Hammer Laser Woodcutting Axe Excavator Shovel Pickaxe Axe Build Armor

2.5.2. Extreme Reactors Basic Reactor Made Coolant Added (Diamond Blocks) Expanded Reactor Best Coolant Added Fully Expanded Reactor Automate Fuel Production (Via Mystical Agriculture) Automate Waste Disposal

2.5.3. EnderIO Replace All Extra Utilities Transfer Nodes with Item Conduits Create Powered Spawners Cows Zombies Sheep Wither Skeletons Slimes Create Highest Tier of All Machines Alloy Smelter SAG Mill Capacitor Bank Create An Endervoir for Infinite Water Create a Weather Obelisk to Change the Weather at Any Time Create Dimensional Transceivers to Move Items, Fluids and Power Wirelessly

2.5.4. Immersive Engineering Make a Workbench Create Garden Cloches for Mystical Agricuture

2.5.5. Ranged Pump for Liquids Water Pump Transporting via Ender Tank Lava Pump Transporting via Ender Tank

2.5.6. Cyclic Create All the OP Swords Sword of Atrophy Sword of Decay Sword of Evasion Create Exchange Sceptors to Replace Placed Blocks with Blocks in Our Inventory Create a Rod of Elevation to Move Up Through Our Tower Quickly Create a Torch Launcher (Hopefully for Infinite Torches) Create End Books to Set Teleportation Areas Create a Spawner Seeker to Find Spawners Create an Ender Wing Prime to Teleport Back to A Personal Spawn Point Create an Antimatter Evaporator for Getting Rid of Nearby Liquid Create an Antidote Charm to Auto Cure Poison and Wither Effects Create a Water Charm to Prevent Drowning Create a Fire Charm to Prevent Fire Damage Create an Ender Bookshelf for Storage of Enchantment Books

2.5.7. Mystical Agriculture Uranium Seeds Automated Essence Seeds Automated

2.5.8. Extra Utilities 2 Create a Destruction Wand to Test

2.6. Mods to Learn (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THESE WORK)

2.6.1. RFTools

2.6.2. Blood Magic

2.6.3. Advanced Rocketry

2.6.4. Computer Craft

2.6.5. Compact Machine

2.6.6. Cooking for Blockheads

2.6.7. Embers

3. Hardcore Vanilla World

3.1. Main Base with:

3.1.1. Mine

3.1.2. Enchanting

3.1.3. Brewing

3.1.4. Farming (Plants) Wheat Carrots Potatoes Beetroots Cocoa Plants Melons Pumpkins Sugar Cane Cacti Nether Wart Mushrooms Chorus Fruit Kelp Vine

3.1.5. Farming (Trees) Oak Spruce Birch Jungle Acacia Dark Oak

3.1.6. Farming (Animals) Cows Chickens Pigs Sheep Bunnies

3.1.7. Loot Room

3.1.8. Horse Stable

3.1.9. Pets Around Dogs Ocelots Parrots

3.1.10. Mob Spawner

3.1.11. Main House for Personal Armor/Weapons with Bed

3.2. Defeat Ender Dragon

3.3. Bases in Every Major Biome

3.3.1. Plains

3.3.2. Savannah

3.3.3. Forest

3.3.4. Roofed Forest

3.3.5. Jungle

3.3.6. Desert

3.3.7. Mesa

3.3.8. Cold Taiga

3.3.9. Mega Taiga

3.3.10. Swampland

3.3.11. Extreme Hills

3.3.12. Ocean

3.3.13. Ice Plains

3.3.14. Mushroom Island

3.3.15. Ice Plains Spikes

3.3.16. The Nether

3.3.17. The End

3.4. Intercontinental Railroad Connecting ALL Biome Bases

3.4.1. Main Base

3.4.2. Plains

3.4.3. Savannah

3.4.4. Forest

3.4.5. Roofed Forest

3.4.6. Jungle

3.4.7. Desert

3.4.8. Mesa

3.4.9. Cold Taiga

3.4.10. Mega Taiga

3.4.11. Swampland

3.4.12. Extreme Hills

3.4.13. Ocean

3.4.14. Ice Plains

3.4.15. Mushroom Island

3.4.16. Ice Plains Spikes

3.4.17. The End

3.5. Nether Railroad for Fast Travel Between Biomes

3.5.1. Main Base

3.5.2. Plains

3.5.3. Savannah

3.5.4. Forest

3.5.5. Roofed Forest

3.5.6. Jungle

3.5.7. Desert

3.5.8. Mesa

3.5.9. Cold Taiga

3.5.10. Mega Taiga

3.5.11. Swampland

3.5.12. Extreme Hills

3.5.13. Ocean

3.5.14. Ice Plains

3.5.15. Mushroom Island

3.5.16. Ice Plains Spikes

3.5.17. The Nether

3.5.18. The End