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Quality von Mind Map: Quality

1. Quality Control

1.1. Focus operational activities

1.1.1. Quality Inspection

1.1.2. Testing

1.1.3. Identify ways to address Insatisfatory performance Improvement Process

2. Quality Assurance

2.1. Independenty of PM

2.2. check management and direction to the project nature

2.3. Gives confidence to stakeholders that process and standard exits to ensure quality

3. Quality Planing

3.1. Purpose

3.1.1. Product required for the project

3.1.2. Quality Method

3.1.3. Quality Responsabilites

3.1.4. Quality Criteria

3.2. Lack of planning

3.2.1. Conflict of scope understanding

3.2.2. What constitutes sucessful result

3.2.3. Responsablities

3.3. Achivements

3.3.1. Define acceptance criteria

3.3.2. Understand customer quality expectation Documenting

3.3.3. Formulating a strategy

3.3.4. Setting up quality registry

4. Quality Defined

4.1. Scope

4.1.1. Total sum of the products

4.2. Quality

4.2.1. Achieve stated needs, expectation or specification

4.3. QS & QS

4.3.1. Quality management System Set of process, procedures and standard an organization has

4.3.2. Quality Management Set of activites to direct and control the quality

4.3.3. Adjust for external QS QM

5. Purpose

5.1. Benefit fits the purpose

5.2. Prince 2

5.2.1. Meet business expectation

5.2.2. Enable desired benefit to be achieved

5.2.3. "Focus on Product" Common understanding of deliverable Creteria to Acceptance Non Compliance Uncontrolled Changes Acceptance Disputes User Dissatisfaction Invalidate Business Case

6. Outputs

6.1. Quality Activities

6.1.1. Added to project plan

6.1.2. Trigger to accurate estimated Cost Timescale

7. Prince Approach

7.1. Quality Planing

7.1.1. Project Board Aggrement

7.1.2. Communication Common understanding

7.1.3. Control Establish a baseline

7.2. Customer Quality Expectation

7.2.1. Quality expected from the product Noted on the start of the project

7.2.2. Coverage Key requirements for product of project Standard and process to be used Required measurements