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LeapXpert platform von Mind Map: LeapXpert platform

1. Web

1.1. Site Admin(Super_admin)

1.1.1. Login Page(Login_page) Username/password Valid Invalid Forgot Password

1.1.2. Company Management(Company_Management) Add Company Input Name, Location Edit Company Edit Name, Location Upload Logo SSO WhatsApp View Company Profile Company Details Account Managers List of Company Companies List Search Archive Company

1.1.3. Account Manager Management(AM_Management) Add Account Manager Input Values Edit Account Manager Edit Values Account Managers List Search Archive Account Manager

1.1.4. Retype New Password Valid Password Changed Invalid Error Message

1.1.5. Client Management(Client_management) Add Client Input Values Clients List Search Archive Client

1.1.6. Log out(Logout)

1.2. Organization Admin(Company_admin)

1.2.1. Login Page(Login-page) Company Valid Invalid

1.2.2. Account Manager Management(AM_Management) Invite Account Manager Input Values View Account Manager Profile View Profile Details Clients List Edit Account Manager Account Managers List Search

1.2.3. Company Profile Management(Company_management) Edit Company Profile Edit Values SSO View Company Profile 1

1.2.4. Search(Search) Search Clients & Account Managers Filter Search (need Quang check)

1.2.5. Log out(Logout) 1

1.3. Account manager

1.3.1. Login page (Login_page) Company (company_login) Valid Invalid

1.3.2. Chat List (Chat_list) Chat directly with client (Chat_directly_client) LeapX WeChat MiniApp Integration Session timeout Search for chat room Chat directly with AM (Chat_directly_AM) Call Text Image/Video File Group chat(group_chat) Add More Member Create New Group

1.3.3. Contact List (Contact_list) Search share Contact(Search_share_contact) Share client Not share client Client detail (Client_detail) Edit Client Add notes Intergrations WhatApp Log Chat room Invite new client(Invite_client) Invite New Client Quick ADD Search for client Filter client list(Filter_client) All Client Private Client Public client

1.3.4. Profile(AM_profile) Settings(Setting) Mobile Email Light Mode Change password successful 1 Profile Info(Profile_info) Edit Profile Audit Log(Audit_Log) Audit log List Export CSV Export PDF Support(support) Send message Logout(Logout) 1 Devices Device info Device Type Last Location Last Connected Revoke

1.3.5. Search It doesn't work

1.3.6. Notifications(Notifications) LeapX (LeapX) Text Image File Call Misscall Add group Leave group WhatApp(WhatApp) Text Image File Call Misscall Add Group Leave group WeChat(Wechat) Text Image File Call Misscall Add Group WeChat Miniapp(WeChat_MiniApp) Text Image File Call Misscall Add group Leave group LINE(LINE) Text Image File Call Misscall Avatar

1.3.7. Light theme(Light_theme) On Off

1.3.8. Language(Language) English Chinese French

1.4. Browser-specific

1.4.1. Chrome 78

1.4.2. Firefox Previous versions 7.0

1.4.3. Safari Previous versions 5.1

1.4.4. Edge 44 Previous versions

1.4.5. Some function can't run on Firefox. Safari and Edge

2. Apps

2.1. Device specific

2.1.1. iOS Version 13 12 11 10 9 8 Device 11 X Xr Xs 8 Plus 8 7 Plus 7 6 Plus 6 SE

2.1.2. Android Verion 10 9 8 7 6 5 Device Samsung SM-G8870 Samsung s8 Samsung A7 Pixel s2 8 Plus Samsung galaxy S8 +

2.2. AM(Account_manager)

2.2.1. LeapWork(LeapWork) Download Support login multi devices on 1 account

2.2.2. Functions(Functions) Login Invitation code QR Code Chat List Chat directly with Private/ Shared Client Chat with AM Group chat Contact Client List Teams List Add Notifications LeapX WhatApp WeChat WeChat Miniapp LINE Setting Avatar Company Support Version of app Support Biometric and Security Logout

2.3. Client (Not Done Yet)(Client)

2.3.1. LeapX(LeapX)

2.3.2. WechatMiniApp(Wechat_Miniapp) Text Send Responsed Image Extension Max size Send Responsed File Extension Max size Open file Voice Message Response Max size Record Enable and Pause The length of voice message Enable the voice onhe speaker and non speaker as the same on WeChat Notification Push Notification Notification content Click on notification to view Notification count Expired Session Template Choose Message Template to send to Client

3. Mailing Service

3.1. AM Invitation Email

3.1.1. Parameters Recipient Name Username Password Company Name Sender's Name

3.1.2. Links Leap Work Android link Leap Work iOS link Leap Work web portal link

3.1.3. Content Text

3.1.4. Trigger Logic Sent when client is successfully added

3.2. Activation Code

3.2.1. Text Code Parameters Recipient Name Activation Code (Short Code) Content Text Trigger Logic Sent when new activation code is generated

3.2.2. QR Code

3.3. Reset Password

3.3.1. Parameters Recipient Name Verification Code to Reset Password Verification Code Expire Time

3.3.2. Content Text

3.3.3. Trigger Logic Sent when AM requests to reset password

3.4. WhatsApp Invitation

3.4.1. Parameters Recipient Name WhatsApp activation link Company Name

3.4.2. Content Text

3.4.3. Trigger Logic Sent when AM integrates WhatsApp to Client

3.5. WeChat Invitation

3.5.1. Parameters Recipient Name Sender Name Company Name

3.5.2. QR Code

3.5.3. Content Text

3.5.4. Trigger Logic Sent when AM integrates WeChat to Client

3.6. WeChat OTP

3.6.1. Parameters Recipient Name OTP Sender Name Company Name

3.6.2. Sender Name

3.6.3. Content Text

3.6.4. Trigger Logic Sent when Client sends a message to WeChat official account

3.7. LINE Invitation

3.7.1. Parameters Recipient Name Sender Name Company Name

3.7.2. QR Code

3.7.3. Content Text

3.7.4. Trigger Logic Sent when AM integrates LINE to Client

3.8. WeChat MiniApp Invitation

3.8.1. Parameters Recipient Name Sender Name Company Name

3.8.2. QR Code

3.8.3. Content Text

3.8.4. Content Text

3.8.5. Trigger Logic Sent when AM integrates WeChat MiniApp to Client

3.9. WeChat MiniApp OTP

3.9.1. Parameters Recipient Name OTP Sender Name Company Name

3.9.2. Content Text

3.9.3. Trigger Logic Sent when Client sends a message to WeChat official account

3.10. Audit Log Export

3.10.1. Parameters Recipient Name Export File download link Sender Name Company Name

3.10.2. Content Text

3.10.3. Trigger Logic Sent when AM exports audit log

4. Teams

4.1. Desktop

4.2. Mobile App