Fahr (Qureish)

This map traces the patrilineal history of the modern Somali clans (Dir, Hawiye, Darood, Digil iyo Mirifle and minorities) from current elders and families alive today back to the Qureish tribe, whose descendants include the Banu Hashim (clan of the prophet Muhammad). There is some dispute as to whether these lineages were altered after Islam was brought to Somalia some 1400 years ago, and we have indicated such disputed lineages with broken red lines. Red text indicates clan names we were un...

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Fahr (Qureish) von Mind Map: Fahr (Qureish)

1. Ghalib

1.1. Lucay

1.1.1. Kacb Amir Murrah Kilab Amir Taym Yaqza