Legal Language of the European Union

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Legal Language of the European Union von Mind Map: Legal Language of the European Union

1. Fischer

2. EU Court of Justice

2.1. Luxembourg

2.2. Individual can bring in an action if he she is effected directly, otherwise states or EU organ

2.3. Rechberger case

2.3.1. payed for hotel

2.3.2. hotel take the austrian couple as hostage

2.3.3. they have to pay ransom

2.3.4. Package tour directive Pauschalreisen Verordnung

2.3.5. Insurance company had to pay because of bankcruptcy hotel

2.3.6. uniform interpretation and application

2.4. Enforcement

2.4.1. Durchsetzung

2.5. Actions

2.5.1. Klagen

2.6. Applicant

2.6.1. Kläger

2.7. Respondent

2.7.1. Beklagter

2.8. Trial

2.8.1. Verfahren

2.9. Judgement, ruling

2.9.1. Urteil

2.10. institue proceedings

2.10.1. Verfahren einleiten

2.11. Actions for Infringement

2.11.1. Vertragsverletzung

2.12. Actions for annulment

2.12.1. Nichtigkeit

2.13. Actions for failure of an act

2.13.1. Untätigkeit

2.14. observation

2.14.1. Stellungsnahme

2.15. Supremacy

2.15.1. Anwendungsvorrgang established by Costa, Canel case

2.16. Direct effectiveness

2.16.1. Direktwirkung

2.17. 1 Commission asks the state

2.18. 2 Observation from state

2.19. 3 Reasoned opinion (ultimatum)

2.20. 4 After ultimatum, proceedings from COM

3. Internal Market

3.1. Common Market

3.1.1. Gemeinsamer Markt

3.1.2. still some tariff remains

3.2. Binnenmarkt

3.2.1. customs unions +4 freedoms freedoms of persons freedom movement of services freedom movement of capital + prohibation of discrimacy

3.3. 1) Trade Agreement

3.3.1. limit custom tariffs

3.3.2. Handelsvertrag

3.4. 2) Free trade area

3.4.1. Freihandelszone

3.4.2. tariffs are reduced between state which are in the area

3.4.3. But maintain outside tariffs

3.4.4. Must originate from the free trade area Certificate of origin Ursprungszeugnis

3.4.5. Movement certificate EUR I Warenverkehrsbescheinigung

3.4.6. Screw driver factors syndrom What is the limit for the origin? Value added test +50 % then is orginates from one country

3.5. 3) Customs Union

3.5.1. Common external tariff

3.5.2. Charge CET independently from entering country

4. Court of Auditors

4.1. Rechnungshof

5. European commission

5.1. Functions

5.1.1. control watchdog of EU

5.2. EU Commision

5.3. EP

5.3.1. Conciliation Commitee (Vergleichskommitee)

5.4. Commission = honest broker

6. Three Questions

6.1. Send answers to

6.1.1. [email protected]

7. Treaty of Lisbon 2007

7.1. Constitution of european union

7.2. TEU (treaty of european union)

7.3. TFEU (treaty of functioninng of the european union)

7.3.1. movements of goods warenverkehr persons worker self employment Students? establishment services capital and payments Kapital und Zahlungsverkehr

7.4. EU Charter of fundamential rights

8. Languages in EU

8.1. 23 official languages

8.2. 3 languages are used within commitees

9. deepening or widening

9.1. Deeping

9.1.1. is entrusted with more and more powers Mehr Kompetenz übertragen

9.2. Widening

9.2.1. EU gets bigger better chances on the internal market

10. Primary / Secondary

10.1. Prim:

10.1.1. Treaty of Lisbon

10.2. Secondary:

10.2.1. Enacted Law Not called law Only states can make laws Directive requires implementation Regulations

11. Supranationality

11.1. regulations are direct applicable

11.1.1. Direct effectiveness Direkt-Wirkung Direkte Stützung auf eine gesetzliche Regelung

11.1.2. superior over the national law

11.2. force is also bind to individuals

11.2.1. Microsoft must follow the rules

11.3. Compulsory Jurisdiction

11.3.1. Every case will go to the Court of the European Union (Luxemburg)

12. European Integration

12.1. Marshall Plan

12.1.1. Organisation to control where the money goes, Organization for European Economic Cooperation

12.2. Schuhman Plan, 1950

12.2.1. Core of the European Union

12.2.2. Cooperation Germany and France

12.2.3. Proclavations End wars countries join their heavy industry merger

12.2.4. ECSC European coal and steel community

12.3. Treaty of Maastricht

12.3.1. Establishment EU Europ. economic community EURATOM

12.3.2. Principle of subsidiarity gives power to the members states level if problem can be resolved there, if not than it must be resolved on european level Example with birds protection directive, does not make sense on national level

12.3.3. Union citizenship right to move freely and reside in third countries you can go the embassy of an european members state

13. Preliminary ruling

13.1. Individuals can enforce their rights

13.1.1. Individual go to Verwaltungsgerichtshof, but can not interprete it and then is must be handled by European suprem court

14. Dawn raids

14.1. When police comes into the morning for discovery and search

15. European Parliament

15.1. Motion of censure

15.1.1. Misstrauensantrag

16. European Concil

16.1. Europäischer Rat

17. EU Concil

17.1. Ministerrat

17.1.1. 27/28 People

18. Concil of Europe

18.1. 47 member states