21st Century Skills Life/Career

Plan your life and the next important steps and goals to proceed with a happy life

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21st Century Skills Life/Career von Mind Map: 21st Century Skills Life/Career

1. Career

1.1. How do I get a job?

1.2. Phase 1: Learn about resume writing/interviewing

1.3. Phase 2: Use Word to write a resume; video record practice interviews

1.4. Phase 3: Use LinkedIn to pursue opportunities/network; search job post sites such as Monster

2. Citizenship

2.1. How can I be a productive citizen?

2.2. Phase 1: Learn about government/voting; volunteer in community

2.3. Phase 2: Register to vote

2.4. Phase 3: Research candidates/issues online

3. Household

3.1. How can I manage my home?

3.2. Phase 1: Cooking/laundry/cleaning

3.3. Phase 2: Search for recipes, tips online

3.4. Phase 3: Searching for household maintenance/repairs through Better Business Bureau or Angie's List websites.

4. Finances

4.1. How do I manage my personal finances?

4.2. Phase 1: Learn to balance a checkbook

4.3. Phase 2: Use an ATM/credit card

4.4. Phase 3: Online Banking/Bill Pay

5. Consumerism

5.1. How can I best use my money?

5.2. Phase 1: Price comparisons

5.3. Phase 2: Develop a budget

5.4. Phase 3: Track expenses with online banking

6. Transportation

6.1. How do I travel to appointments or work?

6.2. Phase 1: Use public transportation or obtain driver's license

6.3. Phase 2: Plan a route with online schedule or maps

6.4. Phase 3: Use portable GPS