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VWD von Mind Map: VWD

1. Other

1.1. Decsion in 2015

1.2. Potential for up to 300 EE users

1.3. Board will make decision

2. General

2.1. Name of the Company

2.1.1. Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste (VWD)

2.2. Founded: 1949

2.3. Philosophy

2.3.1. team oriented, motivate employees

2.4. The vwd group offers customized information, marketing and technology solutions for the securities business.

2.5. Contact information, name and number

2.5.1. Arne Schwappach - KAM director

2.5.2. Claus Winterberg - Head of PM

3. Business Goals

3.1. Relevant partnerships and many years of expertise make vwd group a sharp organisation that is able to react more quickly to trends in the industry, can develop products faster and is able to purchase against very competitive prices. Expansion is an important condition in order to compete and grow within the European market.

4. Current Situation

4.1. Employees: 480

4.2. locations in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland

4.3. Collaborate via Email/Phone/Meetings

4.4. Do not have project management processes

5. Current Issues

5.1. No global PM tool in place

5.2. Lots of meetings take lots of time

5.3. No process standards

5.4. Theme PM right now not official

6. Next step

6.1. extended Demo on 10.9.

6.2. talk about Planview

7. Possible Solutions

7.1. First step

7.1.1. Aim: 300 users PP/25 eXtended

7.1.2. Online Meeting

7.1.3. Meeting time finder

7.1.4. DMS

7.1.5. Communication

7.1.6. Team & task collaboration

7.1.7. Project planning