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GTA Server von Mind Map: GTA Server

1. Gangs

1.1. Gang wars (like factions)

2. Cops

2.1. Chance of spawn on murder?

2.1.1. 50% chance of spawn on first wanted level, increases there on to the 5th wanted level

2.2. Different tiers

2.3. Players can choose to be a cop (Cop jobs which are basically bounty hunters but they receive a greater reward on killing more notorious players)

2.4. Custom AI

2.5. On wanted level 4+, 'Agents' spawn which are cops with a different skin and higher level guns

3. Vehicles

3.1. Cars

3.1.1. Retextured Minecarts

3.2. Bikes

3.2.1. Retextured cows/pigs?

3.3. Planes

3.3.1. Ride chicken

4. Physics

4.1. World borders

4.2. Swiming allowed.

5. Heists

5.1. Like mobarena, except with rewards. Hiest areas are designated around the map, on starting a hiest, players must stay within a circle of a couple blocks radius of the hiest point and survive waves of cops. The more rewarding the hiest, the more cops/thugs

5.2. Bounty hunter?

5.2.1. Locating a target, then getting something off them/killing them

5.2.2. Players can use a command to see a list of bounties and undertake bounty jobs. Higher bounty = higher reward

6. Currency

6.1. Custom currency or dollars?

6.1.1. Maybe in-game dollars, or 'coins' to remove confusion

6.2. Global currency

6.2.1. Coins most transferrable name

7. Shops

7.1. GUI Shop

7.2. Ammo

7.3. Sign shop at spawn

7.4. Vehicles

7.4.1. Garages Upgrade garage sizes Upgrade cars

7.4.2. Mechanic to deliver cars? Mechanic = GUI that will spawn your car (2 minute cooldown) Car falls from sky

7.5. Guns

7.5.1. Gun shop based on 5 tiers of guns. 5 classes of guns + 5 tiers of each class = 25 total guns Classes: - Pistols - Machine Guns - Shotguns - Rifles - Projectile weapons (Incendiary grenades etc)

7.6. Hospital

7.6.1. Heal players for price

7.6.2. Respawn at hospital closest to point of death

7.6.3. 10% money lost on death

8. Friend system.

8.1. Online friends, messaging etc.

8.2. Toggle friendchat (Hides rest of the server's chat and only shows messages from friends)

8.3. Party system w/ toggleable partychat

9. NPC Criminals

9.1. Can take down for money, but chance of death

9.2. Thugs - High level hostile mobs

9.3. Crooks - Low level hostile mobs

10. Missions

10.1. Mainly for the Youtube aspect

10.2. Guides players through core mechanics and gives them tasks. Mission list will be defined by Sub

11. Bank

11.1. 3 types of accounts: - Fixed deposit - Savings account - Locker

11.1.1. FD - 7% interest every 24 hours. (Storing money) Savings - 1.5% interest every 24 hours. (Storing money) Locker - Store goods in a safehouse (enderchest) with 5 slots. Can be upgraded to more slots for currency

11.2. On registering for a bank account, players receive a renamed paper (credit/debit card). Bank can be accessed via bank receptions across the city. They must have their card in inventory to access their bank.

12. Custom Texturepack

12.1. Graphic designer needed. Any recommendations?