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2.4 planning von Mind Map: 2.4 planning

1. Target Audience

1.1. Common interest

1.1.1. music

1.1.2. country living

1.1.3. farming

1.1.4. ranching

1.1.5. horseback riding

1.1.6. trucks

1.1.7. hunting

1.1.8. fishing

1.2. interesting qualities

1.2.1. way of life

1.2.2. hospitality

1.2.3. shows respect

1.2.4. brighter side of things thinkers

1.3. skills/qualities needed

1.3.1. smooth voice

1.3.2. good band

1.3.3. musical skills in one or more instruments

1.3.4. song writing skills

1.3.5. appeal

1.3.6. fans

1.3.7. people person

1.3.8. humility

1.3.9. thick skin

1.3.10. time

1.4. important bio

1.4.1. if a sub genre is in order

1.4.2. what age range is into what sub-genre

1.4.3. popular lingo

1.4.4. hottest sound now

1.4.5. hot artist

1.4.6. collab options

1.4.7. best record labels

1.4.8. how to reach higher than just one hit wonder

1.5. most valuable lesson to appeal

1.5.1. H.A.I.L

1.5.2. Vocal toolbox

1.5.3. Resonate

2. True message

2.1. Why

2.1.1. To further career

2.2. What

2.2.1. break through even more so than have already accomplished

2.3. Audience reaction

2.3.1. listen to my music

2.3.2. buy albums

2.3.3. buy tickets to shows

2.3.4. merchandise

2.3.5. follow on social media

2.3.6. inspire them to follow hearts

3. Future Cody

3.1. Unique Qualities

3.1.1. New Sound

3.1.2. Personality

3.1.3. Drive to never quit

3.1.4. ability to make people smile even when everything is dark

3.1.5. can read situations and find a solution to make it better

3.1.6. guitar/piano/drum/fiddle/banjo skills

3.1.7. write own songs

3.1.8. manage and produced myself to get where I am

3.1.9. statistics and data skills of all then and now music to see what people enjoy and continue to enjoy

3.2. excel

3.2.1. I will excel by using my skills in real life situations and my schooling knowledge to advance my name and brand

3.3. Skills

3.3.1. MIDI-based hardware and software in music production

3.3.2. harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic concepts

3.3.3. ear training

3.3.4. compound meter, functional harmony in major and minor keys, music notation, and composition

3.3.5. loop-based sequences

3.4. Specialties

3.4.1. Music Production

3.5. Unique interest

3.5.1. bringing different cultures of music together under one roof

3.6. Portfolio Projects

3.6.1. excelled in projects during schooling which I used to become number one album on the charts

4. Beginning

4.1. This story starts with a bright eyed boy looking for his place in the world, his calling to do something bigger and better than just a simple ''Job". We all have the desire to make a difference in the world no matter how we do it we just want to push barriers down and succeed in life. My story is short and sweet one day at work I had the opportunity to meet John Rich a very successful musician in Country Music, He over heard me singing and asked me to sing for him one on one. I was terrified but honestly these things don't just happen every day, So i sang for him and the man looked me dead in the eyes after and asked why I wasn't pursuing music as a career I told him I didn't think I was that great and the fear of rejection terrified me. He told me to cowboy up, pursue my passion and forget the rest. So here I am after moving to Texas to follow a dream on this stage in front of all of you amazing people telling you to follow your dreams, don't be scared of rejection or failure if you fail it only means you need to revise your strategy and try again don't just settle for ordinary push yourself to make a difference and show the world the light that burns inside of you!

5. Middle

5.1. I Feel I am qualified to work for Sony Entertainment based on my drive to accomplish a fan base, merchandising partnerships, and my epic performances that I have put on thus far. I am coming to you not for my need of help in the music industry but more so in publicity. I feel a partnership between us would blossom into a beautiful relationship filled with great financial and community up-standing. I am here to ask for a partnership to help start an organizations for underprivileged young adults that need financial and emotional support to help accomplish greatness in life and follow their dreams without worries of failing in life and having no where to turn, also by helping me with tour and merchandise cost and funding the need for artist of different genre artist to be involved in the project to expand our reach and fan base

6. End

6.1. Goals

6.1.1. Sell out every major arena in U.S.A

6.1.2. Get at least one different genre artist put into show to broaden audience

6.1.3. Help by giving back to audiences and there families by putting charities and organizations in place

6.1.4. Show the world that country music is much more than just songs about dogs, drinking, and trucks

6.1.5. Help my audience feel they can follow their dreams and never just settle